Chelsea and Zeke

On Sunday, I headed up to Portland, ME with Jenn as my co-pilot for an engagement session with our friends Chelsea and Zeke!  Jenn, Chelsea and I were all sorority sisters at BSC, and Chelsea and I were both there in May when Jenn tied the knot.  Now it's Chelsea's turn, and Jenn was good enough to accompany me on a little road trip!  I really wanted to have a second camera body with me and have Jenn shooting alongside me for the afternoon, but unfortunately the camera shop I rent them from was closed for 2 weeks... can't wait until the end of October when I buy the Canon 5d Mark II!  Anyways, Jenn was an absolute trooper and she made the drive so much easier.  And as always, it was great to catch up with Chelsea.  Like Jenn, she is one of those beautiful people in life that lights up a room and never has a bad thing to say about anyone, and her unique spirit is something that I always appreciate being around.  We had so much fun walking around Portland with these two.  Here are some favorites!

We started the day on a walking trail right by Chelsea and Zeke's house...

On to downtown Portland... these next few are my absolute favorites ever.  This fish market just had so much character... I felt like it was the perfect "Maine" spot for photos!

Downtown Portland has so many cool textures and colors... I loved it!

Work it!

Jenn took these next two... natural talent I would say... maybe she'll be my business partner someday? ;-)

Another favorite...

How cool is Portland?  Love graffiti walls!

Another favorite... okay so I have lots of favorites from this session :)

So I'll end with a couple of shots from the lighthouse that Zeke and Chelsea like to picnic at.  Head on over to my FB page for more from this session... I had so many favorites, so most of the ones on my FB will be different from these.  Chelsea and Zeke, thank you both for being so awesome and easy to work with.  You totally complement each other and made my job easy as a photographer, and Jenn and I had a great afternoon.  XOXO!

A little fun with Fisheye... thanks Tania!!! :)