Dillon and Amelia

Back in July I helped my friend Stina out shooting Dillon and Amelia's wedding!  Stina is a friend from Vermont, and she is so, so talented.  I love her work and always marvel at how creative she can be!  It's great shooting for her... even this wedding, which was on one of the hottest days of the year.  Seriously, my shoes were melting into the sidewalk.  Okay, not really, but it was HOT.  Dillon and Amelia rocked it though... they were so much fun, so in love, and so ready to hang out in the heat so we could take their pictures.  Here are some from that day in Vermont!






Amelia's dress was simply stunning...  I asked her where she got it, because it was gorgeous and fit her perfectly... she said, "Oh, my mom made it!"  My mom can't make mittens.  JUST SAYIN.  Love you mom ;-)










Amelia's family had choreographed a dance, big afro wigs and all.  Everyone got a kick out of it!


One of my favorite pictures of any bride ever :)

Amelia and Dillon ended the night with some real swing dancing.. the height Dillon got was impressive!

Congratulations to Dillon and Amelia, and thank you for having me Stina!