Fleming Family

On Sunday, I had my first family shoot in a studio I rented from my friend Lesley.  She has a huge, crazy space filled with props in Indian Orchard, and since I want to get more children portrait sessions under my belt, I rented it for a couple dates this summer.  Shooting in a studio is not necessarily something I love doing... I like natural light best, and obviously studio light is a completely different look.  But when winter months hit and families want their child's first birthday documented (which actually happened to me 3 times last winter), it's good to have experience in a studio so that I can have that to fall back on.  Plus, I am DYING to do a Smash the Cake session with my niece Juliana in a few months, so this was good practice for that.  My first official Smash the Cake- yay!  Erika and her family were my first victims... ahem, subjects :)  She had been trying to set up a session with me for no lie, two years.  It just never worked out with our schedules, but Sunday she and her husband drove with their two little ones all the way from NH to see me.  Not only that, she brought me a homemade cupcake and a gift bag full of nips HAHA.  And I never do this, but I DIED when I got this email from her on Tuesday, so I'm just going to share with you :) "They’re going to canonize you for sure – you survived Mt. Josephine… God bless you.

Thank you so much for Sunday – it was so nice to see you and get the kids’ photos done.  I’m sorry Josephine was such a mule (“No.”) and that we were probably flitting around like headless chickens trying to elicit emotion from the kids (besides “No.”).  You were a trooper!!  I hope it wasn’t too horrific an experience for you.  From a kid who inexplicably did NOT want to play with balloons (WTF?) to another who didn’t want cake (Double WTF?!) I doubt we were the model family for what you were trying to accomplish.  I hope the nips and cupcake were at least a bit of a salve on the headache you likely got.

I’m also sorry you had to hear our silly songs for Thomas – I realize you can’t un-hear them and I’ve likely scarred you forever.  Just forward all related therapy bills to us…."

HAHA now do you see why I love her so much?  Erika you crack me up.... thank you so much for bringing the kiddos down and enduring the torture they inflicted upon you!  You and Jerry are very patient and kind souls :)  Hope you like these!





Managed to get a few of her... is that the beginnings of a smile I see on the left???



Don't let her fool you... the rest of the time, we just got this :)




Next we headed over to the blue seamless for Thomas' Smash the Cake... where he did the complete opposite of what we were hoping for:  He took one look at the yummy cake and walked in the other direction.  I think Erika literally almost died.  We had to basically force him to eat cake HAHA.  I used one my birth announcements to make a collage of the cake smash.



Ohhhhh look who decided to give her brother a little help with the cake... the shoes kill me.



I feel like this is one of those pictures that I decided "eh, it's not that good, but maybe if I put a black and white on it, and contrast it up...." HAHA.  I am really stretching it because Josephine did NOT want any part of the photos and so there are very few of her :)  I think I would actually love this, if her tongue wasn't hanging out looking at that cake haha...




Snapped this of her real quick while she did a shoe change :)



We ended the session with something we had seen on Pinterest that was super cute... a little girl playing in a sea of balloons!  Obviously, Josephine was not having it, so we used Thomas instead, who loved it :)






The end :)