The Jamnik Family

Happy Wednesday!  I can't believe we're already almost to December, but I'm completely fine with it.  Only 3 more months until Ireland!!!!  (Yes, I plan on providing a countdown every time I blog.  It's fine lol).  My friend Erica called me last night and told me she's been looking up plane tickets and wants to come over while I am there.  And not to put any pressure on her, but she def should.  I'm obviously SUPPERRRRRRR FUN to hang out with and the ticket prices she mentioned were crazy cheap.  And if those reasons aren't enough, there's the Guinness, the music, the scenery... just sayin' ;-)  

Anyways, I'm hoping to blog A LOT this winter.  I second shot SO MANY WEDDINGS this summer and I'd love to share some of those images.  I'm pretty caught up on everything else, so hopefully I'll be able to keep on top of that!  This is one of my most recent family sessions, done for my friend Erin and her family.  Erin and I went to college together and she was my sister in Gamma Phi Beta.  We had some amazing and crazy times together in college ("is my pizza in the back of that car with you?") and we've both had some amazing and crazy times since.  Her life has taken her lots of places in the past couple of years, but now she, her husband Jesse, and their daughter Caylee are back in New England, which I know she is excited about.  I got to meet up with them in RI last weekend and we walked around the park and took some family pics.  Here are some of my favorites!  xo.