Baby Bartkow


On Saturday we had the baby shower for my best friend Jenn, whose wedding I was a bridesmaid for in 2010!  Jenn is due exactly 9 months and 1 day after her wedding... hmmmmm :)  Anyways, the baby shower was at the Mockingbird in East Bridgewater and it's always good to go back to that area where I went to school, especially when I get to the spend the day with college friends and Jenn and Dave's families, who I adore to pieces.  It was a beautiful shower and we had a lot of fun.

After the shower, a bunch of us headed back to Jenn and Dave's to hang out and eat (again).  When everyone cleared out, Jenn and I started putting all the baby's new stuff away in the beautiful nursery Jenn painted.  As we organized stuff and talked, an unexpected conversation came up that threw me for a loop.  I can say that it's something I will never talk about again after the other night, especially since it lead to a watershow of tears on my part.  As we talked, I cried and Jenn just listened.  And after a few minutes, we were hugging and I was literally crying on her shoulder (sorry Jenn).  A few minutes went by, and a couple of times during the hug, I tried to let go, and Jenn just kept squeezing me, not letting me go, hugging me until I literally couldn't cry any more.  I don't think I'll ever forget it.

Later on as I was laying on the couch trying to fall asleep, I thought a lot about the day, and mostly thought about what incredible parents Jenn and Dave are going to make.  I know because they make incredible friends.  I can honestly say that some of my favorite times I have ever had with friends is just sitting with the two of them at their kitchen table, talking about anything and everything and feeling right at home, especially when we're "in the trust tree, with the nest"... :)  And if Jenn and Dave approach parenthood the way they approach friendship and family, I know they will be amazing at it.  They will support each other completely, make their family laugh through tears, and hug their kids through the hard times, no matter how much they try to let go.

We did these pictures on Sunday morning.  Maternity shoots are hard for me, especially in the wintertime... it was way too cold to go outside for more than 5 minutes, so we did most of the pictures in the baby's nursery. 

Jenn and Dave are waiting until the delivery to find out if it's a boy or a girl, so a friend of theirs got them pacifiers with each name they picked out on them!  Too cute...

Of course this baby is going to be a huge Sox fan...

And a huge Pats fan...

Jenn did the whole nursery in a doctor Seuss theme and did an amazing job painting it!

We had a little company for the pictures... oh hey Fred!

My favorite.

The Bukhenik Family

After spending Sunday morning with the Butterfield family, I headed to the South Shore to hang out with Shelby and her gang.  Shelby and Yuri have made several appearances on my blog, and their amazingly adorable daughter Emma certainly doesn't need an introduction either :)  Shelby is pregnant with their second daughter, Isabelle (Izzie for short) and wanted some maternity pictures done, so we headed to the park for the afternoon.  Now I usually don't PhotoShop so much, but I just downloaded a bunch of new actions and I am legit in love with each one.  So hopefully Shelby likes them and doesn't want to kill me when she sees these :)

There are so many favorites from this session... where to begin!

Emma wanted in on the photos...

And this is why every one of my future children is going to be compared to her.  ADORABLE.

One of my favorite new actions is the Seventies action.  I used it a couple times, but I love this one...

Oh hey Emma, think you can fit us into your busy schedule?

Queen of the playground...

One of my all-time favorites...

Kisses all around...

Shelby, you are beautiful.  That is all.

How can Izzie go wrong with these awesome genes? ;-)

Congratulations again Shelby and Yuri... loooooove you!

Kirsten and baby Charlotte

Today I met up with a friend from work in Northampton to take some maternity pictures.  Kirsten and I work together at my day job, the one that pays the bills for now :)  Kirsten and her boyfriend Nick have been trying to get pregnant for a long time, so Charlotte is truly a miracle baby and one that everyone is really excited to meet.  Kirsten's boyfriend had to work today, and she laughed about having him in the pictures anyways, so we met up and walked around Smith College together, and ventured a little bit into downtown Northampton.

Next we headed inside to the Smith College greenhouse... what a beautiful place to take pictures!  I will definitely suggest it to future couples for their engagement sessions.  Some rooms are hard to go into because the temperature change and humidity fogged up my camera pretty quickly, but there were some rooms that the humidity wasn't too bad...

So as we're leaving the greenhouse and walking down Main Street in Northampton, Kirsten and I are in a crosswalk when a guy in a truck literally lays on his horn at us.  I look up, and he is flipping us off.  I'm not kidding.  He is flipping off an 8 month pregnant woman waddling in a CROSSWALK... and me.  Now, let me preface this by saying that I have used my middle finger maybe twice in my life.  I think my sister may have gotten it once when we were ten, and I vaguely remember using it once on the highway when someone cut me off so bad I had to swerve onto the median.  I really have to be ticked to let the bird fly.  Well apparently, another trigger of mine is men in big trucks flipping off pregnant women.  With only a second's hesitation, I raised my finger back to him.... until an old man riding a bike rode right in front of my finger.  I immediately started apologizing and saying "He flipped us off first, I swear."  The old guy couldn't have thought this was any funnier and two seconds later we were all laughing.  So this is for you, Mr. Bully-in-a-Bronco- thank you for giving us a good laugh today!

Katie, Alex, and little Anthony

Saturday night I trekked up to Methuen for a girls night with my friend Katie, so we could wake up early Sunday and take some maternity pictures!  Katie was one of my roommates in college, and hers was the first wedding I was ever in.  It was also the first wedding I ever fell in.  I say first, because I'm sure it's going to happen again.  She got married on a covered bridge, and we had to walk through it in our heels, and of course, anyone who knows me knows I like the stilettos with the 4 inch heel.  Which turned out to be the perfect shoe for getting caught in a wood floorboard of a covered bridge.  It's fine.  Clearly I am not still harboring any hard feelings about it or anything ;-)  Anyways, Katie and Alex have been married for over four years, and are expecting their first child in March.  She asked me to do some maternity pictures for her and I was beyond thrilled.  I've only done two maternity sessions before but I have seen some incredible maternity pictures out there, so I really wanted to experiment and see what I could get.  Unfortunately I didn't rock it as hard as I had hoped, but I am still learning...these are my favorites from the day! IMG_2172 - Version 2

IMG_2022 - Version 2

IMG_2063 - Version 2

IMG_2076 - Version 2

IMG_2082 - Version 2

IMG_2089 - Version 2

IMG_2117 - Version 2

IMG_2206 - Version 2

IMG_2260 - Version 2

IMG_2354 - Version 2

IMG_2365 - Version 2

IMG_2357 - Version 2

IMG_2312 - Version 2

Congrats guys!