Sarah and John


Happy Wednesday!  I can't believe it's already mid-week and I am loving this week's weather... so much cooler than last week's heat wave.  I have so many things to blog right now and I can't wait to get back into it next week... I'm actually moving this week and house-sitting next week, so it should be super busy this week and then a serious lull next, which is when I plan on catching up with my blog.  So much has been going on and this summer seems to be flying by already!  I am so excited because the sooner the summer is done, the sooner the fall gets here, and then winter, and spring... yup, I'm wishing away the next 3 seasons, because in the spring I am off to Ireland for 3 months!!!! YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!  I bought my airline ticket to Dublin last week and it was seriously the happiest moment of my life.  I have a TON more to do... have to get my ferry ticket to England, have to book a flight from England home, and obviously have to nail down my itinerary around Ireland, but I seriously can't wait.  It's a dream come true and a long time coming, so I couldn't be happier.


On Sunday I met up with Sarah and John in Northampton for their engagement session!  Sarah actually won a session from me over a year ago from a contest I did on my blog, but by the time she wanted to book it I was crazy busy with fall weddings.  She knew that the ring was coming soon... at the time, her and John were boyfriend and girlfriend but not yet engaged... so I told her we could just wait until he put a ring on it and that I would forget the usual time limit I set for booking contest sessions :)  We finally got a chance to do the pictures on Sunday, and I was so grateful the weather was beautiful, since a few weeks ago I had to cancel about 4 sessions right in a row due to rain.  We did part of the session at the gardens at Smith College, and then headed up to Hatfield for some barn action.   Sarah and John were so self conscious in front of the camera, and I really have no idea why.  Aren't they the cutest couple ever??  Seriously, so adorable, so in love, and I was obsessed with her dress!  I was just saying to Aubrey the other day that I love all the lace dresses I am seeing at weddings this season, I really need to get one for myself to wear to Molly and Eric's wedding.  Anyways, I digress :)  Here are some favorites of Sarah and John!














I think with pictures like this the layout is supposed to be this way...



But is it weird that I kind of love it this way too?  :)









After Smith, we jumped in the car and headed up the road to Hatfield to get some barn action in!











Even though the sky was dull and flat, I looooooooved these pics... maybe my favorites!





And this is what won the session for them!  The contest was that I asked people for their favorite Christmas traditions... and Sarah told me that her and John had taken a slice of the trunk of their first tree together and made an ornament out of it, and they now do that each Christmas.  Isn't that the best idea ever??  I love it... literally preserving a piece of each tree you get together.  She brought it along to show me.  Adorable!



So nice to meet you, Sarah and John!!  Congratulations on your engagement... wishing you many, many years of love, happiness, and Christmas ornaments together :)

Diana and Jay: Northampton Airport Engagement



Sunday afternoon I headed up to the Northampton Airport to meet Diana and Jay for their engagement session.  I met Diana awhile ago, and at first had to say no to photographing her wedding because I thought I would be out of the country.  Then Diana and Jay changed their wedding date, and just like that, I was back in as photographer :)  Diana has been so sweet from the start, and I got to meet Jay briefly when they both attended a wedding I photographed last summer.  I can't believe their wedding is this summer, in one of my favorite places in the world- Wellfleet!  I grew up going to Wellfleet every summer for a few days with my dad and stepmom and her family, so it's going to be nice to photograph a wedding there.


We were originally going to just do this engagement session in the country, by some fields and barns near me, but recently I was driving on the highway past Northampton Airport around sunset, and I couldn't help thinking how beautiful it looked, and how peaceful.  I asked Diana if she wanted to do part of the session there, and she agreed.  What I wasn't anticipating was my complete anxiety being on an open airstrip.  Let me explain: see, I'm one of those people who shouldn't watch the news, ever.  I see a news story on deadly mosquitos and suddenly my arm is itching with West Nile.  I read about someone who's parachute didn't open and just like that, skydiving gets crossed off my bucket list.   I definitely do not think I'm any sort of hypochondriac, but it's a scary world!  And I read article upon article about that poor model in Texas who got off a small plane and walked right into the plane's propellor, losing an arm and an eye.  Morbid things to be talking about on my blog?  Yup.  Even more morbid things to be talking about to a bride and groom, right before their engagement session, AS WE STAND SURROUNDED BY SMALL PLANES WITH BIG PROPELLORS?  You bet.  I got there a little early to check in at the office, and get the low-down where we could and couldn't go.  I mentioned my fear of walking into a propellor to the guy at the office, expecting him to laugh and say that would never happen, but instead he said "It happened two years ago, a pilot got killed."  HORRIFIED.  I asked him where we could go to avoid that happening.  He said just make sure to keep your eyes and ears open.  So granted, good advice, but I was still horrified that I would get distracted while walking around (like I often do while I am photographing), and walk into a propellor.  So when Jay and Diana arrive, this is one of the first things I tell them... that we have to be extremely careful and listen for propellors and watch where we're walking.  I told them about the girl in Texas, again hoping they would dissuade my fears and tell me this would never happen here, but they looked more terrified than me lol.   SORRY GUYS.  Anyways, all this to say that we escaped the engagement session without harm, and I had a great time shooting at the airport.  Despite the fact that it gave me a nightmare Sunday night.  I am apparently very, very scared of propellors now.


And now that I have gone completely Debbie Downer on my blog, I give you Diana and Jay :)  These two made the Northampton Airport look damn good!



















Love this one too...




Last couple before we headed out of the airport...



I knew my Brimfield vintage suitcases would come in handy for shoots!




We ended the session in Hatfield so we could still get a country/ barn feel for some pics :)







Love this one too... in their own little world!









Diana and Jay- thank you for coming out this way and for allowing me to be a part of your special day.  Can't wait for Wellfleet in August!  xo.


Meagan and Tobin: Newport Engagement


I saw a quote on Pinterest the other day that really caught my eye.  It said “I don't care if you're black, white, straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich or poor.  If you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you.  Simple as that.”  Sounds so obvious, but it really resonated with me.  I had an unpleasant experience recently that made me question this whole photography thing.  I’m not saying everyone has to get along, and that my clients have to be my best friends, but I really cannot stand being treated like the hired help.  I know, I know, that’s exactly what I am!  But I’d rather get to know my clients, laugh with them, cry with them (I have cried at so many weddings I have photographed it is RIDICULOUS…the bride coming down the aisle gets me every damn time)… I’d rather be totally comfortable with them, as friends are, so that they are totally comfortable with me, and we can get some great shots.  The building block for that relationship, I believe, is being nice.  Nice people are happy people, happy people laugh more and are more open, and the more open people are, the better the pictures are going to turn out.  Meg and Tobin are without a doubt two of the nicest people I’ve met, and I was so happy to get to share their anniversary weekend with them.


I’ve known Meg since our Bridgewater days.  We were in different sororities, but both active in Greek life, and I was also friends with Meg’s older sister Ange, so it was only natural I would be friends with Meg too.  I’ll say this- Meg is crazy.  And I mean that in the best possible way :)  She is sweet as can be, beautiful, and she doesn’t give a crap what anyone else thinks.  I love that.  I aspire to be a little bit more like that- all too often I find myself questioning what people think of me, when really all that matters is what I think of myself.  Meg is completely comfortable in her own skin, and she wears her love for Tobin on her sleeve.  Tobin, for his part, is completely enamored with Meg, and the way he looks at her after 5 years…. It’s like they just met yesterday and they’re still in that honeymoon stage of dating.  It’s awesome.  I am so happy for Meg, that she found someone so great to spend her life with, and I know it will be a beautiful and happy life for them both.


We met up in Newport to take some engagement pictures.  I knew it was going to be cold and extra windy on the beach, so I let Meg know to bring a blanket her and Tobin could snuggle up in.  What she brought is a black cocktail dress, because she wanted “to be fancy on the beach”.  Like I said, crazy…. In the best way possible :)  I will say this- she did not complain once even though I would have DIED…. It was super windy and chilly out.  Anyways, she braved the elements like a trooper.  Here are a few of my favorites!












Meg, you're kinda pretty...





Heating up the beach!







I think this was right after Tobin accidentally tried to go to 2nd base... yup, I'm calling you out Tobin :)




The end!



Amy and Ratty: North End Engagement


Sunday I met up with my friends Amy and Ratty in Boston for their engagement shoot.  I feel like I've known Amy forever, and although I've only known Ratty (actual name:  Michael Ratty :) ) for a few years, he's one of those people that makes you feel like you've known him forever as well.  Oh, the tales I could tell about fun times with these two ("oh no you did not talk to Amy Deveau like that!", or the time that Ratty was vomited on by a drunk frat guy at the Purple Shamrock... sorry Ratty)... I've had some great times with these two over the years in Boston, and while they started out as friends, it eventually became something more, and now they will be married in September of this year!  I am looking forward to their wedding, which the amazing Erica Ferrone will be shooting.  For now, here are some favorites from the engagement session!


We started out in Faneuil Hall...








Then we headed over to Christopher Columbus Park...











We ended the afternoon in Ratty's old stomping grounds, the North End!




I LOVED all the signage here!



Cannoli stop :)





Bling bling :)



Possible favorite...




Dance practice!






The end.  XOXO.