Erica and Eric

Back in November I second shot for a new friend, Nikki Cole, at Eric and Erica's Boston wedding!  I have to say, I had a lot of fun at this one.  Eric is French Canadian and most of his groomsmen were from Canada, and they were just an absolute blast to hang out with.  Nikki and I had a great time and it was a great day.  Here are some images of Eric and Erica!




Ahhhh they were so cute together!!!




Doesn't Erica look so much like Kristen Stewart?  I mean, if Kristen Stewart were prettier and actually had a personality :)






Time to get married... and I loved the picture I caught of Erica and her dad right before they walked out!

Party time over at the Venezia...


Congratulations to Erica and Eric, and thanks for having me Nikki!

Lisa and Zach

In June, I helped my friend Aubrey Greene out with Lisa and Zach's wedding at Bittersweet Farm in Westport.  Aubrey is one of the sweetest photographers I've met, and after working with her once last year, I was excited to do so again.  Lisa and Zach got ready and did a First Look in New Bedford, and then we all headed over to Bittersweet Farms.  This wedding was on the earlier side... a day wedding, if you will... and I will say there is nothing I love more in the summertime!  It is very rare as a wedding photographer to get a Saturday night in the summer off... and so to be done with a wedding by 3:00 and be able to do stuff that night is amazing!  I mean, let's be honest, I probably just went home and watched 5 hours of SVU while cleaning my room (and by probably, I mean that's definitely what I did), but still, it was nice :)  Here are some faves from Lisa and Zach!

We found a shady spot across the street from the hotel for some guy portraits and for Lisa and Zach's First Look!


Waiting on his girl...

Here she comes :)




So here's a funny thing... I recently went on a date in New Bedford... and I know nothing there... and so I didn't think I would know the place we were going... and we pulled into the restaurant and I was all "I've taken pictures in this parking lot!"  Pete looking at me like I'm cray cray... and I pointed out the harbor mural and how we took some pictures on the side of the building... he still thought I was crazy, I think, but we worked with what we had!


Over to Bittersweet Farms...


Lisa's brother handed me what was probably one of my biggest laughs in wedding history... Lisa wanted to do the picture where the boys held her up... and somehow, Lisa's brother ended up in the mid-section... and they were almost dropping her, and Aubrey says "Ok, your hands have to be a little more towards her butt."  Her brother's face... PRICELESS.  He literally says "Are you kidding me??  Really????"  Everyone was dying.  It made my day.

Ceremony time...

A few details...




And what better way to end a day wedding than lawn games?  I'll admit, this is the first time I've ever seen a bride playing wiffle ball in her dress... AND I LOVED IT!

It was a great day and a great wedding.  Thanks to Aubrey for having me, and congratulations to Lisa and Zach!

Melanie and Sergio

Today I wanted to share some images from another wedding I did with the talented and gorgeous Rachel Buckley!  Melanie and Sergio were married in Salem, and the reception was actually in a town I used to live in with my good friend Katie, Danvers.  I never knew it, but right up from the road from us was this gorgeous old estate, perfect for a wedding, called Glen Magna Farms.  It was great to shoot there... also great to get Kelly's Roast Beef after the wedding was over on my way out of town :)  IT'S ALL ABOUT FOOD.  Anyways, Melanie was one of the most stunning brides I have ever seen... and despite the almost-unbarable heat, Rachel and I had a blast with these guys.  Here are some favorites from the day!



She's kinda pretty right?  Um yeah.




The estate had this great big ol' tree that made a huge canopy underneath, and lovers carve their initials into it.  So sweet!





Love the pink parasols!

The church was very beautiful, very different, and very old.  It had these very tall, heavy wood pew doors.  Which of course, I managed to trip on and slam one shut in the middle of the ceremony.  BULL IN A CHINA SHOP.


Pretty pink details...






Congrats to Melanie and Sergio, and thank you again for having me Rachel!

Lindsey and Shawn

In September I helped Stina of Studio SB out with another beautiful Vermont wedding!  Shawn and Lindsey were married at The Essex, which, let me just tell you, won my heart immediately.  It is a "culinary resort"... I didn't really understand what this meant for me, until I walked in to the lobby upon arrival.  Right next to the check in desk, RIGHT THERE IN THE LOBBY, was a bakery case of delicious desserts.  Like, in the lobby of the hotel.  Delicious treats, just for me.  Okay, also for any other guest that wanted to purchase them, but I digress. Shawn and Lindsey were so cool, so adaptable, and really had a great wedding day.  It was one of those Vermont days where it was very sunny one minute but threatened tornados and hurricanes the next.  I'm learning that they're pretty common up there :)  Anyways, they weren't supposed to, but because of the threat of rain they made the judgment call to do a First Look... and thank God they did, because their ceremony had to be moved inside and it POURED for the rest of the afternoon.  They still rocked it, had a great time, and were a great couple for me and Stina to photograph.  Here are some from their wedding day!


Waiting for his bride...




So happy together...






The two little flower girls?  I die.


Everyone got a big kick out of the passage read by the officiant, "and they shall feel no rain"... it was TORRENTIAL outside!





Not everyone was as excited about the events of the evening :)




The end!  Congratulations to Shawn and Lindsey, and thank you for having me Stina!