There's something about the accents, yes.  And the slang.  And the way they wear their pants and play their music and love their sports.  But that's not all that England is about, that's not all there is to love.  England is about history and loyalty and triumph and tragedy.  It's about the Beatles and the way they changed music forever.  It's about the monarchy, the tradition of the Changing of the Guard and the singing of God Save the Queen at the Royal Ascot races.  It's about the ghosts of the Cavern Club, ferrying cross the Mersey, seeing one of the greatest cities in the world from a pod in the sky, standing on a London stage and being part of the opening act.  It's about the architecture of the balcony where the announcement was made that the Titanic had sunk.  It's about the colorful secrets that Neals Yard keeps.  It's about the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey and red phone boxes and red tube signs.  It's about playing arcade games at Brighton Pier.  It's about witnessing the greatest tennis players in the world come together at Wimbledon.  It's about really great people and really crappy weather, and it's more than just a spot on the map.