I get a lot of questions from couples interested in booking me... about engagement sessions, wedding images, and everything that comes in between.  In the interest of saving time, I posted a few of the FAQ's I get here, but of course, if I missed anything, feel free to ask!

Let's start with the most important question and go from there: How much do you charge for your photography services?

Wedding Photography Packages start at $3,000 and include:

-Initial consultation
-Engagement session
-Eight hours of wedding day coverage with two shooters
-Online gallery

Start with a basic package and add Rehearsal Dinner coverage, high resolution images or an album!  Anything is customizable... let's chat!

What equipment do you shoot with?

I shoot with Canon digital SLR cameras and a variety of Canon lenses.  I bring two camera bodies to shoot with so that there's always back-up, and all my lenses work on both camera bodies.  For flash, I use a Canon Speedlite, and have backup of that as well.

What is the advantage of doing an engagement session?

I love doing engagement sessions for so many reasons; the most important is that it gets you comfortable with the camera and with me.  I always tell couples that you don’t have to spend 8 hours with the caterer, you're not going to be spending the whole wedding day with the florist… but you are going to spend the majority of your wedding day with the photographer, so you want to make sure it’s someone you are completely comfortable with.  The engagement session helps us to get to know each other and helps get you comfortable in front of the lens.  It's also nice to have more pictures of you and your significant others... I get so many couples telling me all they have are iPhone pictures of each other!

What should I wear for an engagement session?

I could make many suggestions, but I once found a photographer who I thought was dead on about what to wear and what to avoid wearing for an engagement session.  He put together a great list, so just copy this link and put it into your browser:


What is the best time of day for a wedding?

This is completely up to you and what type of wedding feel you are going for!  For the best light, at least 1-2 hours before sunset is the ideal time to start your ceremony.

How many hours will you shoot for?

I shoot for 8 hours, which usually will cover everything.  If you are having a much longer ceremony or want me there for longer for any reason, I am certainly willing to add hours to any package!

What is a "First Look"?

A "first look" is a wedding day shoot that is done before the ceremony, alleviating any pressure on time constraints and crazy schedules.  It's not for everyone; lots of people want that "ahhhhhh" moment of seeing their future spouse as they're walking down the aisle.  But "first look" still gives you that, just with a lot more privacy.  It's not like you just casually walk up to each other, all "hey what's happening?"  Nope.  We set it up so that the groom is standing in a picturesque spot on the grounds of the wedding venue.  We coordinate through the beauty of cell technology and two shooters to make sure he is facing away as his bride approaches.  Meanwhile, we're shooting with long lenses to give you guys space and privacy, and VOILA!  You have this totally awesome moment between the two of you as you see how amazing this person you are about to marry looks.  After you've had a few minutes to say hi, laugh, cry and take it all in, we start shooting portraits.  Then, if time allows, we also try to do the family/ bridal party stuff during the first look as well.  This means you can enjoy your cocktail hour after the ceremony without having to rush to check off a lengthy family portrait list.

What is the advantage of having two photographers at my wedding?

There are so many advantages to it that none of my packages offer just me by my lonesome :)  First, it allows complete coverage of the day.  If you're getting ready in one spot, and your groom is with his guys getting ready somewhere else, it can often be hard for one photographer to be able to photograph both.  Having two people there lets us split up and cover everything pre-wedding, allowing a more complete story of the day to be told in the photographs.  When we're in the same place at the same time, however, two photographers can show two totally different perspectives of a wedding.  For instance, I might be shooting a ceremony with my telephoto lens, getting nice tight shots of the rings being exchanged, while my second shooter might be up in the balcony, getting a beautiful wide angle shot that shows the whole church around you.  When I'm shooting you coming down the aisle with your dad, my second shooter may be getting a reaction shot of the groom watching you walk towards him.  The advantages are countless, and I really think having two shooters adds to the magic of the day.

Can I provide you with a family shot list?

You can absolutely give me a list of must-have family portraits.  For portraits, I generally stick to immediate family and grandparents, and will do any cousin/ aunt/ uncle combinations sometime during the reception.  I also recommend that you designate a relative or bridal party member who knows everyone to round up key people when it comes time for family formals.

How long will it take before we see our images?

I always post a sneak peek or two within 48 hours after the wedding.  My turnaround time is 4-6 weeks before your online gallery will be ready.  For engagement sessions, you will see your images within 2 weeks.  You will get an email from me when your pictures are available to view, and a password if your package included high resolution images.  You can then download the images straight from the site.

How many images will we see?

With two shooters, there are usually a lot of images to pick from, which is part of the reason why my turnaround time is a few weeks.  But every wedding is different, so I give a range of 600-800 photos per wedding.  Many times there are more, sometimes less, but I always give everything I think you'd want to see!

Are all of our photos edited?

All images are color corrected and lightly edited for exposure.  They are sometimes cropped as well.  I do all my own editing in house.  Retouching, such as removing blemishes or making background elements disappear, can take more time and is sometimes outsourced, depending on how busy my wedding season is.  There is a charge for heavier retouching of a mass quantity of images.

Where can we print our images?

If you purchase high resolution images, I will send you a print release allowing you permission to print wherever you want.  If you need suggestions on reputable labs for consumers to print from, let me know and I am happy to provide you with a list!

Can I post my wedding images on my own Facebook/ blog/ website?

You can absolutely post your pictures where you want to online.  Please be sure to credit Alanna Scully Photography in the caption.

Do you make albums?

Yes!  I have sample albums you can look through that give you an idea of my wedding album design style.

Do you shoot outside of Vermont?

Absolutely! I am available for travel all over New England and beyond.  My dream is to shoot weddings in Ireland someday!

How do we book you?

I will reserve your date once you return to me a signed contract, along with a 50% non-refundable retainer.  You can send this payment through PayPal or by check if you prefer.  The remaining balance is due one month prior to the wedding. 

Don't see the answer you were looking for?  Get in touch!