Boston shoot

Yesterday I headed into Boston with two other photographers to practice landscape pictures and capture some of the beautiful decorations the city puts up each year in the Beacon Hill/ Fanueil Hall areas.  I absolutely love this section of Boston but have never photographed it, so I was excited to practice and see what I could get.  I will be doing an engagement shoot in this area soon as well, so I wanted to scout some locations for that session.  Originally, Molly and I had planned this group shoot awhile back, and there were supposed to be five of us.  But Emily had a church commitment and then Molly got sick with the swine (ok, not really.... but almost) so it was just me, Melissa and Sarah... but we had a blast and I can't wait til the next meet-up in February! I didn't watermark all of these because some I felt like it took away from the picture, and some I just felt it didn't matter whether I did or not.  So we met at the Cheers in Beacon Hill...

IMG_0639 - Version 2

One thing I loooooooove about Boston this time of the year is the gorgeous decorations.  The beautiful wreaths and garland that people hang really add to the amazing architecture...

IMG_0646 - Version 2

IMG_0663 - Version 2

This leather store had a cowboy boot as the sign hanging above their door.  Of course, I was immediately in love.  Look at all the awesome boots in the window!  I'm such a country girl :)

IMG_0695 - Version 2

These stone dogs were facing each other outside a store in Beacon Hill, and we just got a kick out of them for some reason...

IMG_0689 - Version 2

From Beacon Hill we walked through the Public Gardens to get up towards Fanueil Hall...

IMG_0703 - Version 2

IMG_0709 - Version 2

At this point it was raining and we were all miserable.... but the old city hall looked so pretty so I braved the downpour to take this picture... just one because it was pouring buckets on my head...

IMG_0731 - Version 2

To escape the rain, we headed into Cheers.  I have to say I was thrilled by the choice, because Melissa and I both got the mac and cheese, and it as pretty much the best comfort food ever.  And no, I cannot go one post without talking about food.  Sorry.

This is Sarah on the left and Melissa on the right posing with Norm!

IMG_0733 - Version 2

After lunch it was a little darker and we were able to practice with low light shooting, which was my main goal for yesterday.  These are taken in and around Fanueil Hall.  This next one is (pathetically) my favorite, because we all know how I love my Christmas tree ornaments!  I legit have 416 Christmas tree ornaments... and no Christmas tree.  It's a sickness.

IMG_0738 - Version 2

IMG_0742 - Version 2

IMG_0756 - Version 2

IMG_0751 - Version 2

IMG_0787 - Version 2

IMG_0767 - Version 2

IMG_0764 - Version 2

IMG_0801 - Version 2

IMG_0809 - Version 2

IMG_0826 - Version 2

IMG_0830 - Version 2

IMG_0835 - Version 2

IMG_0888 - Version 2

I promise you, being a Yankees fan, I don't condone these next decorations.  But what could be more "Boston" than this tree?

IMG_0908 - Version 2

IMG_0858 - Version 2

I'll end with one of my favorites!

IMG_0900 - Version 2