Happy Memorial Day!

Did you ever have one of those weekends you just didn't want to end?  I've actually had two in a row these past weeks, and it has been a blast.  I spent this Friday and Saturday down in the Cape with my friend Derek, then second shot a wedding for a great couple yesterday in Ipswich.  Today I headed to my dad's and had a cookout with my aunts and uncles... even practiced my golf swing with my dad and Uncle Chris!  Oh, and Enrique Iglesias came out with a new song.  I mean seriously, does a weekend get any better than that?  The weekend has been so great that I had to stop and take a breath today and remind myself of why Memorial Day is so important.  It's not just a day off from work- it's reminder to us that we should always be thankful and recognize those who are brave enough to fight for our country so we can continue to work, continue to go to the beach and to have BBQ's and do all the things that we love to do.  I have never been in the service, but have several friends who have served, and I couldn't be prouder of the people they have become and the sacrifices that they made to stand up for our country.  I don't say it enough, but I could never do what they do, what thousands of service men and women do every day, and I just want to say thanks. I figured today would be a good day to tell everyone about Operation: Love ReUnited, a charity I have recently become a volunteer photographer for.  OpLove is a non-profit organization that offers military families going through deployments photo sessions at no charge.  An OpLove photographer donates their time to a couple or family who are about to be separated by deployment, and shoots family portraits that mostly have a patriotic theme, such as a little boy trying on his dad's combat boots, or a couple kissing under an American flag.  When the soldier is away, the photographer sends he or she a 4x6 album of the pictures taken that they can look at and keep close, when they're feeling so far from their loved ones. Photographers can also donate time to photograph the same soldier's homecoming.  It is an amazing charity and I am so excited to be a part of it.  I haven't had my first session yet, but I am hoping it will happen soon because we have two bases close to me, and I really want to get actively involved with helping military families however I can.  If you're another photographer interested in giving something back, please consider donating your time to these people who have given so much to us.

And since a post is always better with a picture, here's one I took in the Cape this weekend!