Ireland and England: My Donation to the Massachusetts Resiliency Center




As most of you know by now, in March 2013 I took a three month trip to Ireland that changed my life.  You can scroll down more in the blog to read all about it, but today I want to focus on what happened on April 15, 2013, while I was in Killarney.  I had a college friend over visiting me for a couple of days.  We were just leaving a restaurant after having dinner, and she was scrolling through Facebook on her phone.  She said to me "I think something happened at the Boston Marathon."  The events of that horrific day were just starting to unfold, and for the next few hours we watched in shock from our B&B in Killarney.  We felt sad, and scared, and helpless... and I have never been so glad to not be alone.


It wasn't too long after that happened that I decided to do something with the images that came out of this trip.  I brought my professional camera and lenses with me to Ireland, and when all was said and done I had taken 22,000 photos with it.  22,000!!!  I knew when I got home it would take me quite awhile to get through them all.  I never dreamed it would take me over a year.  It has been 502 days since I returned from this amazing adventure, but I finally have my Ireland and England galleries up for you to view.  There is a full gallery of chosen and edited images, which contains about 450 pictures and is separated by county, and there is the final gallery, that I managed to get down to the 35 images that you see below.  I had unbiased and objective friends view all 450 and choose their favorites, the ones they would put on their wall that they felt represented Ireland, and these 35 are what they came up with.  Above each picture is a description of where it was taken.  All proceeds from these sales, and the sale of my coffee table book which is linked at the bottom of this post, will go to the Massachusetts Resiliency Center. This center was established by a grant from the justice department and provides counseling and financial support for victims and survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings.  You can read more about the center here.


I hope you enjoy them!  To purchase any of these images, please click on the following link:



The colorful bar front of Temple Bar in Dublin.



Brightly colored doors in Dublin.   This will be sold as a panel, or you can buy each door print individually.



Kegs on the side of Kytelers Inn, in Kilkenny.



Sheeps showing me their better side at Kells Priory, Kilkenny, Ireland.



Baby lambs block the road to Tintern Abbey in co. Wexford.



A boat in Bantry harbor.



Colorful window and window box in Kinsale, co. Cork.



A bright and unique display welcomed me to a flower shop in Cork City.



Just after sunset on a drive in West Cork.



The bright and fun "Smartie" houses of Eyeries, Ireland.



Cows and dramatic hills in Eyeries, Ireland.



Boats along the water at Ross Castle in Killarney.



Chickens move around the old fashioned thatched roof cottages of Muckross Traditional Farms in Killarney.



Donkeys trying to catch my attention at Muckross Traditional Farms.



A traditional thatched roof cottage at Bunratty Castle Folk Park.



The stunning and unmistakable Cliffs of Moher.



The seaside town of Lahinch, Ireland.



A goat is curious about me on Inishmore, one of the three Aran Islands located off the coast of Galway.



Dramatic skies above Clifden, Ireland.



A walk in the woods will lead you to Ashford Castle in Cong, Ireland.



Getting up close and personal with a horse outside of Galway.



The wonderful town of Westport, Ireland.



A sheep stands guard in Sligo.



A scenic drive with some other furry tourists outside of Sligo.



The Slieve League Cliffs in co. Donegal.



Sunset on the Slieve League Cliffs.



A sheep grazes after sunset in co. Donegal.



The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland will be one of the most amazing natural landscapes you have ever seen.



Sunset from Dunluce Castle on the Antrim Coast in Northern Ireland.



Big Ben was one of the things I wanted to see most in London, and the beauty of it did not disappoint.



Stormy skies from the pier in Brighton, UK.



Again, to purchase any of the images on this blog post, please click on the following link:


Was there a picture you remember seeing in earlier posts that you don't see now?  Was there an area I visited that is meaningful to you or your family that you don't see represented?  If you would like to see the full gallery of the images I have for sale from Ireland and England, please click here:


Lastly, if you love Ireland as much as I do and one picture is not going to be enough, please feel free to browse my coffee table book and see if it's something you would like to add to your collection at home.  Again, all proceeds from the book will go to the Massachusetts Resiliency Center, which is mentioned inside the book jacket.  I encourage you to consider giving this as a gift for someone this holiday or purchasing one for your own home.  Your money will be going to a good cause and you will be able to enjoy 115 pages of photos of beautiful Ireland for years to come.


To see the book, please click here.


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your support.