Lazy Memorial Day

Monday I headed over to my dad and stepmom's for a family BBQ.   My sister lives in D.C. and doesn't get to come home a lot, so since she was home this weekend my stepmom had us over for dinner together.  I will say that coming off 3 weddings in a row, I warned my family that there would be a good chance that I would still be in pajamas Monday afternoon.  Also, there was a good chance I would be unshowered and smelly.  I am happy to report that I followed through on all those promises :)  Amazingly, they still love me, and isn't that what family is all about?  Turning your nose the other way when a family member decides to go all hippie for the day?  No?  Well anyways, we had fun and it was a nice relaxing day, which is exactly what I needed. My niece Juliana was rocking a curly hair style, and the humidity was not helping, so for some evil reason we decided to use my dad's Pomade to give her a faux hawk.  And by we I mean I, but luckily my brother-in-law was around to throw under the bus, since that night originally hadn't been bath night for her :)  Sorry Ange!  I took a bunch of pictures while we lounged around and spent the afternoon together.  Here are a couple of my fam...  

I'm so in love with my niece, even when she refuses to smile...






Just chillin in the shade with Daddy...



I die... even with the crazy hair, I love this picture!



The things we will do to get Jules to look at the camera... Ange says "I think she keeps looking down at this lawn gnome..." so the next thing you know, she picks it up and is teasing Juliana with it to get her to look towards me.  So funny... and by the way, when did we become that family that has lawn gnomes???  Worried.



Time to throw her in the wheelbarrow... casual...



I love the bottom one.  Like "Really Auntie?  When the heck ya gonna get me outta this thing?"





Here's my dad... the most important man in my life... playing with his first grandchild.  He acts all gruff and rough around the edges but he's really such a softie.  Every time he gets this baby in his arms he sings to her!  It's craziness and I love it.



I love the way Jules and my dad stare at each other.  She always looks so fascinated by him haha.



She kills me!  Every time she tries to crawl, she ends up planking.  It's even funnier to watch going uphill :)




Love, love, love this mother daughter picture!  It's still so surreal that my younger sister is a mom :)



My sisters and my niece... three very important ladies in my life!



Three generations here...



I love my brother-in-law, he has been so good for my stepsister and he definitely brings some humor to the family, even if it is just in the form of dropping way too many f-bombs at the dinner table ;)



My dad and Cheryl have been married twenty years!  Can't believe it's been that long.  I still die when I see pictures from their wedding day.  I was a chubster, Kate was super tall and gawky, and Ange was rocking a Macy Gray style curl-fro.  Thank God Dad and Cheryl looked good together... and still do :)



Love my family to pieces.  They are crazy but they are mine.  XOXO.