My new camera

Okay, I'll say it.  I'm not the biggest fan of change.  I feel like every time I get used to something, it changes.  I find it extremely annoying every time my work updates our computer system, and don't get me started on the DVD/ Blu- Ray change.  Let's just make a pact to ignore anything that comes after Blu-Ray, shall we?  It's getting a little expensive to buy all my favorite movies on 20 different formats.  Anyways, for this reason, while I had bought the 5D Mark II in the fall so I could shift my 5D to a back-up camera body, I hadn't really picked it up until today.  It's not so much different from the 5D, so after reading some of the manual and watching the training DVD this morning, I felt confident to bring the camera over to my friend Christine's house and take a few pictures of her new baby.  Oh, how wrong I was.  First of all, the screen difference staggered me, and had me freaking out at Christine's about what these pictures were going to look like.  Rightfully so, since when I came home I found that 75% of the pictures I took were out of focus.  WHHHHHYYYYY 5D WHYYYYYYY.  Luckily this wasn't really an official shoot, but I have an all-day TTD session tomorrow that I want to rock, and I am really nervous to use this camera now.  But I will get over the nerves and use it, at least part of the day.  I know it's a much better piece of equipment, but I was not prepared for so many out-of-focus shots.  Poor Melissa had to deal with me calling and freaking out while she was at a photo shoot lol.  Anyways, hopefully things get better, but for now here is one of the few good shots I got from Christine's this morning!