Yesterday, after an incredible two days in Dennis with Sheri and Brendon and their families and friends, I headed to P-Town with my friend Julie to do some serious shopping and, let’s be honest, some serious eating.  Whenever I’m in the Cape I feel the need to do two things: buy a Christmas tree ornament and eat an entire lobster by myself.  I’m happy to report: missions accomplished.  

I brought my camera out yesterday, because I would have felt like a total failure if I went all the way to the Cape and didn’t shoot any landscapes while I was there.  I tried to get up both Saturday and Sunday mornings at 5:30 to shoot sunrise, but even the always amazing sound of Matt Nathanson singing from my phone couldn’t bring me to get up and get going.  It appears I have absolutely no willpower and will need to stick to shooting sunsets from here on out :)  Anyways, it was a pretty overcast day and the sky was very blah, so I didn’t feel too inspired.  But I did like a few of these and decided to change them to black and white, since there was absolutely no color out anyway.  I really love landscape photography, and if I wasn’t focused on weddings, I would absolutely try to make landscapes my specialty.  I love going to P-Town because I always stop in the Tom Johnson Gallery on Whaler’s Wharf and buy a print.  Tom is an absolutely amazing landscape photographer, and I’m always jealous of the brilliant colors he captures and the amazing composition of his shots.  Definitely check him out if you need any beautiful Cape Cod shots for your home.  Cause honestly, who doesn’t need more beautiful beach pictures in their house?


Anyways, these are my pathetic attempts at some black and white landscapes.  I'm sure Tom would be thoroughly disappointed :)









I sooooooo agree... life is so good!




The Lobster Pot is pretty much a Cape Cod institution, and poor Sheri has gotten dragged there by me more times than I can count.  Tom has some amazing Lobster Pot pictures in his gallery, but here is my attempt...




Obviously old painted bouys lose some of their appeal when you can't see their color, but what the heck, I'm not trying to win an award or anything, so I'll just post this one too :)






I took this last one because I love walking down the main road of P-Town and finding all the little fun alleyways on the side that lead to funky art galleries and old book shops.  I liked this sign because that's what the Cape usually is for me, a hideaway...




Julie, thank you for putting up with me while I shot.  Loved catching up with you, gotta do it again soon!