A wonderful Christmastime...

Merry Christmas everyone!  I spent the last week dog-sitting, far away from my computer, so I wasn't able to post, but I hope the whole entire internet world had a merry Christmas.  I am so looking forward to 2010, and to advancing my photography knowledge and experience much, much more.  But for now, I thought I would post a few shots I took over the holiday of my awesome family. IMG_1540 - Version 2

Yes, we have dog and cat Christmas throw pillows.  I blame my stepmother.  She thinks the animals are human.

IMG_1351 - Version 2

This is Lola playing with her Christmas chew toy!

IMG_1360 - Version 2

IMG_1366 - Version 2

IMG_1464 - Version 2

So my dad loves blue.  Thinks that blue Christmas decorations and lights and tinsel are the bees knees.  I personally find it horrendous looking, so I chose not to display a pic of our tree.  Sorry Dad, love you :)  But I did like this ornament...

IMG_1355 - Version 2

Somehow I ended up at the head of the kids table this year... which I guess is fitting since all my cousins seem to be marrying off and I'm still pretty much the biggest kid of the group...

IMG_1367 - Version 2

Gift giving before the whole fam arrived...

IMG_1393 - Version 2

IMG_1400 - Version 2

One of my favorite holiday traditions is the chocolate shot glasses :)  They're like thimbles, but they're the perfect chaser for the Bailey's we put in them!

IMG_1405 - Version 2

IMG_1409 - Version 2

The candle lighting ritual...

IMG_1417 - Version 2

IMG_1421 - Version 2

IMG_1426 - Version 2

This is one of my favorite parts of Christmas... the Yankee swap!  It's pretty much always a slight variation of the Scully family's favorite things: liquor and scratch tickets.  Somehow, a car safety kit always ends up showing up.  It wasn't until my uncle told me that I figured out why:  it's been regifted for the past 4 years.  Sometimes I'm not too quick on the uptake :)  But I'm glad I didn't end up with it because I'm sure whatever's in it doesn't even work anymore...

IMG_1444 - Version 2

IMG_1448 - Version 2

My Grampie.  Honestly, have you ever seen a cuter grandfather in all your life?  I think not.

IMG_1468 - Version 2

Ok, so this is my favorite tradition.  Above the candle lighting, above the Yankee Swap,  above the chocolate Bailey's shots... there is the Shakira tradition.  My father has a giant crush on Shakira.  Loves her.  Blasts her music and dances around the room like a giddy schoolgirl.  Ok, so he actually dances a lot like Bill Cosby (which is just as horrifying as a giddy schoolgirl, but in a different way).  So a couple of years ago someone gave him her tour DVD as a gift, and we watched some of it on Christmas... and by watched I mean a full out dance party broke out with my Dad singing into the remote control.   My cousins and I enjoyed this Bill Cosby-dance off so much that we begged my Dad to put the DVD in yesterday for Tia, my cousin's fiancee who had yet to witness this little party in the USA.  I took a couple of these as Dad was rocking out...

IMG_1507 - Version 2

IMG_1524 - Version 2

IMG_1518 - Version 2

My aunt asked me to take a few pictures of Adam and Tia so that she could put an engagement announcement in the paper.  These were my favorite two.

IMG_1489 - Version 2

IMG_1504 - Version 2

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  See you in 2010 :)