Happy 2010!

IMG_1641 - Version 2 Thursday afternoon I packed up the car and headed north to New Hampshire for a weekend in the woods with some of my college friends.  Having spent many New Year's weekends spending way too much money and way too much time in lines in Boston, we decided to rent a house on Lake Winnepesauke and just chill out for the weekend (pun totally intended, since it snowed the entire time).  It was beautiful, the house was kitchy, and the company left nothing else to be desired :)  We had a great time: I came home with some great memories, some interesting pictures, and a new found obsession with Jersey Shore.  I'm not proud of it, but my God.  It was like a train wreck, I couldn't look away.

These are some shots I took of the gang on NYE.  This first one would be great... if Mark and Amy were an actual couple :)

IMG_1636 - Version 2

IMG_1599 - Version 2

IMG_1601 - Version 2

Ratty took these pics so I could be in a few!

IMG_1611 - Version 2

Not sure what was happening here... I was obviously busting out a really sick dance move...

IMG_1626 - Version 2

New Year's Day we headed out to lunch at a turkey farm (I mean.... OBVIOUSLY) and then headed to the largest arcade in the world... Funspot baby!!!

This is Amy and Ratty on the back deck of our lakehouse....

IMG_1644 - Version 2

IMG_1657 - Version 2

IMG_1689 - Version 2

IMG_1682 - Version 2

IMG_1662 - Version 2

IMG_1664 - Version 2

IMG_1713 - Version 2

IMG_1703 - Version 2

Ratty perfecting his skee-ball stance...

IMG_1699 - Version 2

IMG_1747 - Version 2

IMG_1737 - Version 2

IMG_1738 - Version 2

I was DYING to take a couple turns on the kiddy bumper cars, but I asked the kid working if I would get kicked out if I did.  He matter-of-factly said yes and walked away.  I didn't want to ruin our Funspot good time so I just sat in it instead.

IMG_1708 - Version 2

Before we left we settled in for a few drinks at the Funspot bar, which was so against the theme of the whole place.  We found the library motif they were using interesting, and Ratty of course order a Scotch, so this photo had to happen...

IMG_1754 - Version 2

A few examples of the kind of decorations we were dealing with at this lakehouse.... the first shot is actually the couch...

IMG_1803 - Version 2

IMG_1801 - Version 2

Quick photo before I took off... check out our view of the lake!

IMG_1767 - Version 2

Happy 2010!