Christina and Johnny

IMG_2402 - Version 2When Christina and Johnny first contacted me, I knew I would love them right away.  They were referred to me by Shelby's parents, who have been mentioned several times on my blog for being the nicest people on earth, and definitely the funniest parents I've ever encountered.  But as I e-mailed back and forth with Christina about doing some engagement pictures for her and her fiancee Johnny, I fell even more in love with her because, quite simply, she is awesome.  Not only did she use excessive exclamation points in her e-mails (which is sooooooo my thing) but she also used the phrase "Lock it up" more than once, and I, for one, could have not been more impressed with the Vince Vaughn/ Wedding Crashers reference.    I was afraid I was setting my hopes too high, that this couple couldn't possibly live up to all the wonderful things Shelby's parents had told me about them, couldn't live up to how cool they already seemed in my own mind, but they took me by surprise and TOTALLY DID.  They are sweet, funny, adorable, and totally in love.  What more could a photographer ask for?  Molly and I met them in Beacon Hill and had so much fun on this shoot!  Honestly, we probably even got a little inappropriate... ok downright "unprofessional".... but hanging with these two was like hanging with two old friends.  Here are some of my favorites from the day! IMG_2424 - Version 2

I love this pic because we laughed the entire shoot... but also, look at Christina's eyes.  Could the girl be more in love?  ADORABLE.

IMG_2437 - Version 2

Next we headed over to Acorn Street to grab these shots...

IMG_2539 - Version 2

IMG_2552 - Version 2

IMG_2510 - Version 2

IMG_2557 - Version 2

So as we're shooting on Acorn this old woman comes out of her house and legit YELLS AT US for "stopping" on the street.  Apparently there is a no parking or stopping rule on Acorn Street, because the rich people don't like loitering :)  So as we walked off the street we saw the sign, started laughing hysterically, and I snapped this quick pic...

IMG_2567 - Version 2

More in Beacon Hill...

IMG_2575 - Version 2

IMG_2596 - Version 2

IMG_2650 - Version 2

IMG_2724 - Version 2

IMG_2748 - Version 2

IMG_2830 - Version 2

We were losing light, and quite honestly, I was too lazy to haul it back to Fanueil, so we grabbed a cab instead :)

IMG_2864 - Version 2

IMG_2885 - Version 2

IMG_2890 - Version 2

IMG_2943 - Version 2

IMG_2951 - Version 2

IMG_2993 - Version 2

IMG_3032 - Version 2

IMG_3058 - Version 2

Christina and Johnny, thank you for such an incredible afternoon!  We hope you guys had as much fun as we did.  I mean, really... you guys were pretty much the best thing to happen to me and Molly since Jersey Shore came out ;)  You guys are awesome, hope you like the pictures!