Kelly and Chad

Wow.  I can’t believe it’s mid- September already.  How did that happen?  Summer in Vermont flew by… with a festival practically every weekend and a wedding every other, I’m not surprised it went by in the blink of an eye.  It was honestly a great summer and it made me all the more grateful that I live in this awesome place.  

Can’t believe it’s been this long, but last summer right after I returned from Ireland, I met up with Kelly and Chad in CT and shot some engagement photos for them.  They had traveled in from Chicago for the session and I had a blast getting to know them better.  I can’t believe it’s already here, but tomorrow these two will become husband and wife!  I am so honored that they chose me to photograph their special day and I’m excited to get to hang out with them and their family and friends.   Sorry it took me so long to blog a few of these, but here’s to Kelly and Chad and their new life together as Mr. and Mrs.!   See you two tomorrow :)














Hannah and Joe

OMGGGGG!!!!  Can you believe it is already August??  I really can't.  It seems crazy but I am sooooo excited.  I met with my travel agent a couple weeks ago and worked out a few more details of my Ireland trip, and I think, *fingers crossed*, that I have found a homestay in Galway!  I had been stressing about it because Galway is where I want to spend the most time, a total of 4 weeks, and so not finding a homestay was serrrrrriously making me anxious.  But I think I did, and I am beyond excited.  The trip is really starting to come together and I couldn't be happier.  But wait, maybe I could:  I had brunch with my friends Molly and Melissa on Sunday, and Molly says "I was thinking it would be awesome if Eric and I came to visit you while you were there."  Um awesome??  It would be phenomenal!  And then Melissa joined in, and since Melissa's husband gets along with Molly's soon-to-be-husband, I am now literally saying my prayers that they come to Ireland while I am there!  I literally can't think of anyone else I'd rather share pints of Guinness with than these girls :)  

Anywho, onto one of my latest engagement sessions, for one of my favorite couples in the world!  No lie, I honestly love Hannah and Joe so much.  Hannah emailed me pretty much the day she got engaged.  She had classes at Bridgewater with my friend Shelby, and had been following my work because I had taken a bunch of pictures of Shelby's kids, and Shelby's one of my #1 cheerleaders.  Anyways, it is so beyond flattering when people get in touch with you so quickly after getting engaged, and there's just no question in their minds; you're going to be their photographer and that's it.  I love that feeling and I was so grateful to Hannah for loving my work so much.  I met her and Joe months back at a Starbucks (which is actually where they met as well!) and I hit it off with them right off the bat.  They are friendly, sweet, funny, and totally, completely, 100% in love with each other.  They met in Burlington, VT, which makes me love them even more, and honestly I hope they move back there so that I can see them every day.  Too much?  Okay fine, every week ;-)  They are honestly great people and I am so excited for their tented wedding on the water happening in just 2 weeks!  We did their engagement session last weekend in Mattapoisett, a place I had never been and it is absolutely adorable!  Really cute beach town, and it was great to see because that is where Hannah and Joe's wedding is as well.  Here are some of my favorites from their engagement session...










Hannah had all kinds of props for the session, including this awesome ampersand...



And these gorgeous hydrangeas cut from her aunt's garden.  Have I mentioned hydrangeas are my favorite flower in the world?  Swoon.



Hannah's family has a lot of history in Mattapoisett, and everyone seems to know who they are.  Maybe it's because the wharf is named after her grandfather?  Hmmm...




We picked up Hannah and Joe's beloved dog Basil and finished the session on her aunt's property, where she has her own beach and dock... and where Hannah and Joe's tented reception will take place in just a few weeks!













Love this :)



The end... until wedding weekend arrives!!!  Can't wait :)  Love you guys!




Emily and Roger

Last Monday, I headed into Boston to meet up with Emily and Roger for their engagement session.  Emily had booked me from San Francisco for her Cambridge wedding in the fall, so we made plans to do their engagement session when they came to Boston for a visit.  We were originally supposed to do the shoot Monday evening and have plenty of time, but since we had one shot at this and the forecast was calling for thunderstorms, we moved it to noon on Monday and were able to walk around Cambridge for an hour.  Immediately upon meeting Emily, I loved her.  And I know that I say that about everyone, because basically I love people lol, but she is so friendly, so outgoing, and so easy to talk to.  I was also blown away that she got her M.D. from Vanderbilt... when I lived in Nashville, I lived right off the Vandy campus!  I even worked in their bookstore for a whopping 5 weeks :)  Anyways, her and Roger were completely welcoming to me, and we had a great time, despite the gross humidity.  I'm so looking forward to their wedding in October.  Here are a few from their session!















On the way back to Emily's mom's house in Cambridge (which was on the most beautiful street ever!) I realized that the house number matched their wedding date... Emily and Roger will be married on 10-6 :)  So these are the last shots of the afternoon.  Thank you Emily and Roger for hiring me to photograph your wedding- can't wait for the big day!!



Holly and Jim

Happy Thursday!  Another week has flown by and I can't believe it's the weekend already.  And by weekend, I mean two more weddings :)  Wedding photography makes for a funny schedule... my "weekends" are usually Tuesday- Thursday, while all my friends are at work.  It's not always the funnest thing, but it's the nature of the beast.  And I try to take certain weekends off so that I can still see my friends and have something that remotely resembles a social life.  Case in point, I took this past Saturday off for my friends 30th birthday party, and it was great to be able to see everyone.  Now I won't see them again until probably Christmas lol.   Miss you guys already ;-)  

Anywho, this past weekend, I had 3 engagement sessions, starting on Friday with Holly and Jim!  Holly and I went to Bridgewater together, and she joined my sorority my senior year.  We were in different programs so we didn't see a lot of each other, but it was great to get to know each other through the sorority.  I could really go on and on about all the amazing things Gamma Phi Beta brought into my life.  My college experience would not have been remotely the same without it, and I'll be forever thankful for all the experiences it provided me.  The best part about it, though, was the people I got to meet and the sisters I made, and I feel so honored that Holly asked me to do her engagement pictures, despite the fact that I won't be around to do her wedding next summer :(  Sorry Holly!!!  But I know your wedding and wedding photos will be beautiful, and I can't wait to peruse them... from a computer in England :)


Here are some pics from Holly and Jim's engagement session in Borderland State Park in Easton!


















Congratulations Holly and Jim!!!  Enjoy wedding planning, and thank you again for asking me to photograph this awesome time in your lives.  XO.