Kristen and Rich

Helllllllo internet!  Happy Tuesday.  Or miserable Tuesday, if you're me.  I've been battling 103 degree temperature since this morning, and I've pretty much bought CVS out of Cold-Eeze.  I absolutely hate being sick, and unfortunately it happens to me pretty much every time the seasons change.  Or it could have been the fact that I stood on a cold beach in the rain after two nights of no sleeping, but it was to take Kristen and Rich's engagement pictures, so if that's how I got sick it was worth it :)  

I've known Kristen through my friend Shelby for quite some time now, and she'll be another Stoughton bride for me next year when she marries Rich in New Hampshire!  Shelby and Kristen went to Stoughton High together, and then Shelby became one of my best friends at Bridegwater, so I got to know Kristen through her.  Kristen and I didn't know each other well, but once I started photography I was always flattered, because this is what I would hear every time I told Shelby I thought I sucked and wanted to quit: "Well, Kristen said you can't quit until she gets married, so sorry, but that's not an option!"  Literally, Kristen told Shelby way before she was engaged that she wanted me to be her wedding photographer.  There is really nothing more flattering than that, so when Rich popped the question to her, and then she popped the question to me (about photographing her, not marrying her hehe) we both said yes!  So I will be photographing their wedding next September in NH, because they met at Saint Anselm's.  And since Rich proposed at Crane's Beach in Ipswich, we decided to do the engagement session there and in Rockport this past Sunday.  Unfortunately we had had to reschedule from a different date, and then of course we rescheduled it for Sunday and it rained, plus I was a little tired from bridesmaids duty at my friend Erin's wedding the night before.  Kristen and Rich weren't exactly dealing with me in peak condition, hence the reason I kept calling Rich Jeff.  In my defense, I recently photographed a groom named Jeff, and doesn't Rich kind of look like a Jeff?  No?  Oh well, I tried :)  We made the most of the rainy afternoon and had some fun.  Here are my favorites of Kristen and Rich!














Work it....








Off to the beach!










Congratulations Kristen and Rich!!!