Emily and Roger

Last Monday, I headed into Boston to meet up with Emily and Roger for their engagement session.  Emily had booked me from San Francisco for her Cambridge wedding in the fall, so we made plans to do their engagement session when they came to Boston for a visit.  We were originally supposed to do the shoot Monday evening and have plenty of time, but since we had one shot at this and the forecast was calling for thunderstorms, we moved it to noon on Monday and were able to walk around Cambridge for an hour.  Immediately upon meeting Emily, I loved her.  And I know that I say that about everyone, because basically I love people lol, but she is so friendly, so outgoing, and so easy to talk to.  I was also blown away that she got her M.D. from Vanderbilt... when I lived in Nashville, I lived right off the Vandy campus!  I even worked in their bookstore for a whopping 5 weeks :)  Anyways, her and Roger were completely welcoming to me, and we had a great time, despite the gross humidity.  I'm so looking forward to their wedding in October.  Here are a few from their session!















On the way back to Emily's mom's house in Cambridge (which was on the most beautiful street ever!) I realized that the house number matched their wedding date... Emily and Roger will be married on 10-6 :)  So these are the last shots of the afternoon.  Thank you Emily and Roger for hiring me to photograph your wedding- can't wait for the big day!!