Cameron and Derek

I seem to be starting a lot of blog posts with the sentence: "a few weeks ago, I second shot a wedding with..." haha.  I have to say, I have quite the schedule of second shooting this summer- I just added it up and in total, I am second shooting 31 weddings this summer HAHA.  Wow.  I didn't realize it was that many... and I totally need a couple more, cause 31 is such an odd number, so if anyone reading this needs any help...  ;-)  

There are a few photographers I have second shot for (and who have have second shot for me) and for years, and I'm always excited to work with them because they have become my good friends.  I love shooting for my friend Melissa and I always know that we will have a great time.  Cameron and Derek's wedding was no exception.  Cameron was the maid of honor at her best friend Julie's wedding a few years ago in Newport, which I also second shot for Melissa. I specifically remembered Cameron because she told me at one point during Julie's wedding that she had scoped out my website, and that she was obsessed with the cover shot of the bride wearing cowboy boots (it has since been changed... sorry Cameron! lol).  I immediately loved her because not only was she sweet as can be, but she also was a country girl... I still love country music so much and I don't care who knows it!!! :)  Anyways, when one of the dates Melissa needed a second shooter was for Cameron's wedding, I hopped right on it, and I'm so glad I did.  Despite the fact that this was probably one of the rainiest wedding days I had ever seen, it was also one of the most beautiful.  The venue was SPECTACULAR.  If you're getting married and looking for a North Shore venue, seriously, look no further than the Crane Estate.  It was to die for.  And then there was the couple.  Love them!!!  Cameron was a magazine bride- just completely knockout, stunning... and Derek looked pretty dapper himself :)  Here are some favorites from the day!


I hung with the guys while Derek got ready...





Derek and Cameron did a First Look, so we got their pictures done before the ceremony :)








I'm telling you, this place was gorgeous.  We were confined to just one part because of the rain, but there were gardens, Italian ruins, rolling green hills that lead right to the ocean.  I could go on and on.  This was hands down, my favorite venue I have shot at yet.  I could've shot in this courtyard all afternoon!!!  Luckily the rain let up for just a few seconds (literally lol) and I dragged the guys outside.





Ahhhh, the joys of wedding photography.  This woman leaned over right in my frame as I snapped this of Cameron and her dad.  Ahhh, serenity now :)  I still love their expressions and had to include this photo!





While Melissa did family photos, I headed into the tent, where I found some of the most amazing details I've ever seen at a wedding.  Cameron went above and beyond, and the tent was absolutely gorgeous.  Very bright, very girly, very Cameron :)






Toast time...



First dance...



Parent dances...



Cameron's cousin Tim took the mic to cover Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours", and he was INCREDIBLE.  Her brother Jobi backed him up on the drums- awesome!




Towards the end of the night, Cameron's brother took the drums again while her dad surprised her with a serenade of "She's From Boston" and a Red Sox hat with the logo "Cameron and Derek" embroidered on the side for every guest!  Honestly, it was such a touching moment and being a huge Kenny Chesney fan myself, I very much appreciated the song choice!!





Melissa with four of her brides! :)



Yup, they actually had a sausage cart for the last hour of the wedding.  BEST.IDEA.EVER.



Last dance...




And they lived happily ever after :)