Amy and Ratty: North End Engagement


Sunday I met up with my friends Amy and Ratty in Boston for their engagement shoot.  I feel like I've known Amy forever, and although I've only known Ratty (actual name:  Michael Ratty :) ) for a few years, he's one of those people that makes you feel like you've known him forever as well.  Oh, the tales I could tell about fun times with these two ("oh no you did not talk to Amy Deveau like that!", or the time that Ratty was vomited on by a drunk frat guy at the Purple Shamrock... sorry Ratty)... I've had some great times with these two over the years in Boston, and while they started out as friends, it eventually became something more, and now they will be married in September of this year!  I am looking forward to their wedding, which the amazing Erica Ferrone will be shooting.  For now, here are some favorites from the engagement session!


We started out in Faneuil Hall...








Then we headed over to Christopher Columbus Park...











We ended the afternoon in Ratty's old stomping grounds, the North End!




I LOVED all the signage here!



Cannoli stop :)





Bling bling :)



Possible favorite...




Dance practice!






The end.  XOXO.