Katie, Alex, and little Anthony

Saturday night I trekked up to Methuen for a girls night with my friend Katie, so we could wake up early Sunday and take some maternity pictures!  Katie was one of my roommates in college, and hers was the first wedding I was ever in.  It was also the first wedding I ever fell in.  I say first, because I'm sure it's going to happen again.  She got married on a covered bridge, and we had to walk through it in our heels, and of course, anyone who knows me knows I like the stilettos with the 4 inch heel.  Which turned out to be the perfect shoe for getting caught in a wood floorboard of a covered bridge.  It's fine.  Clearly I am not still harboring any hard feelings about it or anything ;-)  Anyways, Katie and Alex have been married for over four years, and are expecting their first child in March.  She asked me to do some maternity pictures for her and I was beyond thrilled.  I've only done two maternity sessions before but I have seen some incredible maternity pictures out there, so I really wanted to experiment and see what I could get.  Unfortunately I didn't rock it as hard as I had hoped, but I am still learning...these are my favorites from the day! IMG_2172 - Version 2

IMG_2022 - Version 2

IMG_2063 - Version 2

IMG_2076 - Version 2

IMG_2082 - Version 2

IMG_2089 - Version 2

IMG_2117 - Version 2

IMG_2206 - Version 2

IMG_2260 - Version 2

IMG_2354 - Version 2

IMG_2365 - Version 2

IMG_2357 - Version 2

IMG_2312 - Version 2

Congrats guys!