Meet Cathryn

IMG_1871 - Version 2 Saturday afternoon I met up with Shelby and her cousin Cathryn in South Boston.  Cathryn is from California and needed some pictures for her job, but somewhere along the way, it got confused and I was under the impression I was taking pictures for her "fitness portfolio".  Created some confusion when I told Cathryn I was going to bring boxing gloves and we would be doing the shoot in a gym :)  But once we got all straightened out, we decided to just take a couple of pictures at the beach, then head off to the North End for a few more shots (of the non-alcoholic kind) and dinner.  These are my favorites from the coldest afternoon ever!

IMG_1897 - Version 2

IMG_1879 - Version 2

IMG_1867 - Version 2

IMG_1936 - Version 2

IMG_1945 - Version 2

IMG_1947 - Version 2

IMG_1971 - Version 2

IMG_1968 - Version 2

IMG_1993 - Version 2

IMG_2000 - Version 2_ps