Kirsten and baby Charlotte

Today I met up with a friend from work in Northampton to take some maternity pictures.  Kirsten and I work together at my day job, the one that pays the bills for now :)  Kirsten and her boyfriend Nick have been trying to get pregnant for a long time, so Charlotte is truly a miracle baby and one that everyone is really excited to meet.  Kirsten's boyfriend had to work today, and she laughed about having him in the pictures anyways, so we met up and walked around Smith College together, and ventured a little bit into downtown Northampton.

Next we headed inside to the Smith College greenhouse... what a beautiful place to take pictures!  I will definitely suggest it to future couples for their engagement sessions.  Some rooms are hard to go into because the temperature change and humidity fogged up my camera pretty quickly, but there were some rooms that the humidity wasn't too bad...

So as we're leaving the greenhouse and walking down Main Street in Northampton, Kirsten and I are in a crosswalk when a guy in a truck literally lays on his horn at us.  I look up, and he is flipping us off.  I'm not kidding.  He is flipping off an 8 month pregnant woman waddling in a CROSSWALK... and me.  Now, let me preface this by saying that I have used my middle finger maybe twice in my life.  I think my sister may have gotten it once when we were ten, and I vaguely remember using it once on the highway when someone cut me off so bad I had to swerve onto the median.  I really have to be ticked to let the bird fly.  Well apparently, another trigger of mine is men in big trucks flipping off pregnant women.  With only a second's hesitation, I raised my finger back to him.... until an old man riding a bike rode right in front of my finger.  I immediately started apologizing and saying "He flipped us off first, I swear."  The old guy couldn't have thought this was any funnier and two seconds later we were all laughing.  So this is for you, Mr. Bully-in-a-Bronco- thank you for giving us a good laugh today!