Baby Allie

Ok, can you believe it's Thursday already??  More importantly, can you believe it's Labor Day weekend??  And almost fall??  I had a commercial shoot this morning... got up, got dressed, walked out the door, and was absolutely FREEZING!  But I have to say, I loved it.  Fall is my favorite season and can really never get here soon enough.  Hot chocolate and hoodies and leaves changing... in New England, nothing like it :)  

In honor of summer almost being over, I thought I should post these beachy pictures from the Cape.  Okay, I really just wanted to post them because Allie is pretty much the cutest darn thing you've ever seen, and I had so much fun hanging out with her, Brendon and Sheri in the Cape for a night!  Sheri and I are sisters from our sorority in college, and we've stayed close ever since, so I'm always flattered when friends ask me to take their pictures.  She wanted some shots of Allie on the Cape, since she is for sure going to be a Cape baby, so we headed to Mayflower Beach, which is where Sheri and Brendon went together for years while they were dating, and I think (?) may be where Brendon proposed :)  What we didn't plan on, of course, was the two million people who were still on the beach after sunset, and the windstorm that threatened to blow us (as well as all our props) away.  Ahhh, the glamorous life of photography :)  But we managed to get a few good ones, and the next day I snapped a couple when we took Allie to the beach.  Here are my favorites!




Straight chillin' ;-)















The next day... nothing says Cape baby like propping her in front of Uncle Bob's hydrangeas! :)




Queen of the beach...





So great to see you guys and get to hang out and relax a bit... love you!!!