Wow.  Well I'm happy to say that in western MA, we made it through Hurricane Sandy totally fine.  We didn't even lose power at my house, although I know plenty of people did.  Waking up and looking at the news and the reports online... it's actually so scary what Mother Nature, and particularly water, can accomplish.  I was telling my stepmom that I always hated that we didn't live closer to the ocean or any big body of water, but you can't help but be grateful for that at times like this.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who have lost more than I could possibly fathom... and especially to a photographer friend of mine, who had an 80 foot tree fall through the house she just bought with her boyfriend... I love you E and am here if you need ANYTHING!  

For now, I thought I'd share some cuteness... hopefully it'll help brighten your day, if you're singing the Sandy blues right now.  This is Noah... and since I photographed him last year when he was 1, he has gotten even more adorable.  Look at that hair!  I met up with him and his parents in Walpole last week, where we walked around Bird Park and got some action shots of him playing.  Here are my favorites of Noah at age 2!

















Thank you Heather and John!  It was so great seeing you all again!  xo.

The Mol Family

Last week I headed to Suffield, CT to visit with Melissa, Geert, and their new addition Farren!  Their friend Julie had purchased a gift certificate through me for a photography session, and so they contacted me soon after Farren was born to schedule a time for me to come down.  As soon as I saw Farren, I asked if Melissa had had a lot of heartburn when she was pregnant lol.  So much hair on such a tiny person!  He was absolutely beautiful, and Melissa and Geert were so friendly and welcoming.  And here was the funniest thing- Farren only slept well through the session- when we were OUTSIDE haha.  Every time we tried to go in for some photos, he would get very fussy.  Daddy explained to me that he loves the outdoor air :)  So no problem with me, we just dragged some baskets and props outside and all was well, since it was a gorgeous fall day!  Here are a couple of my favorites :)  

The only two shots I was able to get inside :)...




Cutest pups ever...




This one might be my favorite!



Love the hats they got as a gift- Etsy has the best stuff!




I brought this hat with me in my bag o'tricks... also from Etsy!




Happy family...




The whole gang :)




Twins! Olivia and Charlotte

Two blog posts in one day?  Sure, why not :)  Two babies in two minutes, however?  That takes a really amazing person... hats off to my friend Kelly!  :)  Next up I bring you Olivia and Charlotte, also known as Livie and Chalee.  I have photographed Kelly's family before; she and her husband Tom live in Brockton and have a 2 year old named Sophia who I have taken a few pictures of over the years!  The 2nd time around, Kelly ended up with twice the fun, and on July 27th she gave birth to two beautiful baby girls!  Unfortunately, they weren't both home from the hospital at the same time until about a month later, so we missed out on the newborn window of time.  We had wide awake and active girls when I visited two weeks ago, but that's okay cause they were just so stinkin cute.  Sophia has grown out of the picture taking phase, and at 2 was running circles around me in the house, but I managed to get her in for a couple.  Here are some of my favorites!  

Gotta love Etsy...



Meet Charlotte...



Sometimes I really love the vintage BW action I have... this is one of those times!



Babies make the funniest faces...




And here's her sister, Olivia...







And here's Sophia supervising me, in half her Halloween costume :)



Ahhh, sisterly love...








Little piggies...



I'll end with another favorite.  Kelly and Tom, thank you so much for once again asking me to photograph such a special time in your lives!  You are both amazing parents, and I love watching your family grow.  Congratulations on your beautiful girls!  XO.


Happy Birthday Juliana Rose!

Dear Jules,  

Happy birthday, baby girl!  I can't believe it's been a year since you came into our lives.   It seems like just yesterday that Mommy and Daddy got married, and now almost exactly 4 years to the day, you are turning one.  It's been an amazing year, watching you grow and change and watching those cheeks get ever- chubbier :)  I'm sorry that Auntie is a blond and committed to working on the day of your birthday party, but there were a few things I wanted you to know.


First, I love you to the moon and back.  Since the day you were born, you have held a special place in my heart as my first niece, and you have changed my life with your infectious giggle.  Of course, when the giggles turn to screams (which they often do) I immediately hand you back to Mama, but don't take offense.  I still love you.  And I love earplugs.  Greatest invention ever.  Feel free to bring them over, every time you visit.


Second, you have made our whole family better.  It's funny how you don't know something is missing, until one day it comes along and you realize you can't live without it.  I don't remember what our family was like before you came around, because it's so much better than it ever was before.  You are absolutely the most important part of our family... except for maybe Lola.  The dog always comes first.  You'll learn that someday.


Third, I will always be here for you, ALWAYS.  I plan to be the super cool aunt, always ready with stickers, candy, and cigars and liquor when you turn 21 and have your first legal sip of freedom :)  Just kidding, Ange!  Sorta ;-)  Jules, I'm here if you want to talk (ya know, when you're actually at that stage in life haha), I'm here for a dance party or ten, I'm here to take you to the zoo and the park and anywhere else Mommy and Daddy get sick of going.  I will always be here to lend you support, give you encouragement, and watch you grow up and live your dreams.  I've loved watching you become a little person so far, and I can't wait to see the big person you become.  I know you will be strong, smart, beautiful, and most of all, well-loved.


I love you Juliana!

































Auntie Lana