Wow.  Well I'm happy to say that in western MA, we made it through Hurricane Sandy totally fine.  We didn't even lose power at my house, although I know plenty of people did.  Waking up and looking at the news and the reports online... it's actually so scary what Mother Nature, and particularly water, can accomplish.  I was telling my stepmom that I always hated that we didn't live closer to the ocean or any big body of water, but you can't help but be grateful for that at times like this.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who have lost more than I could possibly fathom... and especially to a photographer friend of mine, who had an 80 foot tree fall through the house she just bought with her boyfriend... I love you E and am here if you need ANYTHING!  

For now, I thought I'd share some cuteness... hopefully it'll help brighten your day, if you're singing the Sandy blues right now.  This is Noah... and since I photographed him last year when he was 1, he has gotten even more adorable.  Look at that hair!  I met up with him and his parents in Walpole last week, where we walked around Bird Park and got some action shots of him playing.  Here are my favorites of Noah at age 2!

















Thank you Heather and John!  It was so great seeing you all again!  xo.