BSC Homecoming Weekend

This weekend I headed to my alma mater, Bridgewater State College, to celebrate homecoming with a few friends.  I transferred to BSC as a junior in the fall of 2003, and I can honestly say it holds a very special place in my heart.  I made great friends, incredible sisters, a few bad decisions, and a whole lot of amazing memories.  When I graduated in the winter of 2006,  I left fulfilled, because I had the ultimate college experience.  When I go back each year for homecoming, I look forward to seeing familiar faces, reminiscing about the glory days, and catching up on everyone's lives.  Life gets busy and hectic for everyone, and I know I sometimes fall out of touch during the craziness and can't always see people as much as I'd like to.  I think one test of true friendship is being able to go awhile without seeing someone, and still just picking up right where you left off.  That's what we do each October, and I have to say it made this Halloween excellent for me! IMG_2705 - Version 2

Here are a few pics I took at the homecoming parade... check out Miss Emma in the letters I bought her!

IMG_2657 - Version 2

IMG_2666 - Version 2

IMG_2663 - Version 2

And this is why I love my friends... I suggest an "autumnal photo" and they immediately spring into action...

IMG_2679 - Version 2

IMG_2688 - Version 2

My favorite part of homecoming is catching up with my sisters, old and new.  Gamma Phi Beta was such a huge part of my life while at Bridgewater, and I love coming back each year and meeting all the strong new additions our organization has.  These women rock!

IMG_2700 - Version 2

A few shots from the Gamma Phi Alumni Luncheon...

IMG_2735 - Version 2

IMG_2747 - Version 2

IMG_2744 - Version 2

I have 5, count them 5, photo shoots next weekend and then Molly and I are off to a 3 day workshop in Boston next week, so hopefully this will be my last "personal" post for awhile.  But thank you to all my amazing friends for a fabulous weekend, and for.... um.... continuously putting up with my antics :)