The Vaz Family

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of photographing the Vaz family.  They live right across the street from the Pollilio's in Stoughton, so they had heard about me through Genna and Brett.  From the minute I walked in the door, I felt like I needed to thank Genna, because they were such a great family!  They made me feel right at home, and the girls had the cutest outfits on I had ever seen!  Liesl-Ann and Leah were wearing matching Christmas dresses, and their second outfit change was adorable matching sweater dresses.  I was so in love, and I hope I was able to capture some of what made this family so amazing. IMG_2842 - Version 2

These are the cuties I had to work with.  Honestly, have you seen cuter little girls?  I think not.

IMG_2809 - Version 2

This is Liesl  (I hope I'm not the only one who loooooooooves her name so much simply for the Sound of Music reference)...

IMG_2891 - Version 2

And this is her little sister Leah...

IMG_2771 - Version 2

Mom with the girls...

IMG_2794 - Version 2

And Dad with the girls...

IMG_2941 - Version 2

The whole gang again...

IMG_2848 - Version 2

The girls again...

IMG_2864 - Version 2

We asked Liesl-Ann to give her sister a kiss.... and my heart melted at how cute it was...

IMG_2807 - Version 2

Outfit #2- cutest sweater dresses ever!

IMG_2967 - Version 2

IMG_2997 - Version 2

IMG_3080 - Version 2

IMG_3113 - Version 2

IMG_3170 - Version 2

IMG_3204 - Version 2

We headed into the backyard for a few pics...

IMG_3025 - Version 2

IMG_3048 - Version 2

Dad had fun playing with the leaves...

IMG_3060 - Version 2

I'll end with another one of the whole family.  Caren, thank you so much for contacting me and allowing me to photograph your amazing family.  I had a great time and hope you enjoy the pictures!

IMG_3041 - Version 2