Katie's Baby Shower

Saturday afternoon I headed to the Globe Cafe in Boston for my friend Katie's baby shower.  Katie was my suitemate my senior year and we had an absolute blast together.  I was a bridesmaid at her wedding in 2005, when she married the love of her life, Alex.  Alex and Katie have a very unique love story that would honestly be too much to tell people here.... plus it would leave people with their mouths dropped open and I would get flooded with comments going "what happened?!?!" Let's just say that life has a plan for everyone, and the plan for these two was to fall head over heels and start a beautiful family.  Katie is pregnant with their first child, and I couldn't be happier for these two.  They've both had rough roads, and to see them find happiness together and share that happiness with a new son is very exciting. Katie asked me to take a few pictures for her at the baby shower, and I was happy to oblige.  I'm excited to take some maternity pictures for her in a few weeks!  Let me just put a disclaimer on this post and say that the lighting in this cafe was very bad.  I could not figure out what was going on, and I was literally staring up at the light bulbs like a mental patient.  I finally notice that while the bulbs and the globes around them were transparent, there was a small pink light in every globe as well... not to make excuses for myself but that combined with the mirrors on every wall made this tough for me.  Hopefully Katie and Alex like some of these!

Here is the happy couple...

IMG_3216 - Version 2

IMG_3222 - Version 2

IMG_3264 - Version 2

IMG_3225 - Version 2

IMG_3228 - Version 2

IMG_3234 - Version 2

Gotta love baby shower games...

IMG_3239 - Version 2

Opening gifts...

IMG_3246 - Version 2

IMG_3272 - Version 2

IMG_3253 - Version 2

IMG_3274 - Version 2

Katie with her sisters and her mom...

IMG_3292 - Version 2

IMG_3288 - Version 2

Congratulations again to Katie and Alex!  I'm so excited to meet little Anthony when he arrives.  On a side note, I know this week was extremely tough for Katie and Alex.  The awful tragedy at Fort Hood struck very close to home for them, because they lived there for 2 years while Alex was stationed there.  I hope we can all send out thoughts and prayers to those who lost a loved one or was affected by this horrible event.  Katie and Alex, I love you guys, and if you need anything you know who to call!