Allen: Head Shots

I started this morning with a car accident.  My 3rd car accident of the year, actually.  Legitimately, I don't think I am a bad driver.  I passed my driving test with flying colors and have only gotten one ticket in my life.  But I'm pretty sure somewhere along the way, I did something to anger the driving gods.  I seem to be surrounded by idiots on the road, all the time.  There was the guy that T-boned me at an intersection when he decided to look down at his map instead of look up at the red light. There was the girl who decided that defrosting or scraping her windshield were unnecessary chores, and therefore didn't see me when she took a direct left into my car, as I was casually minding my business driving STRAIGHT.  Today's moron caused an 8 car pile-up (me being the 8th car, THANK GOD) when he decided to literally wedge his SUV onto a motorcycle in the middle lane of 95.  I should mention that nobody was hurt, and the motorcyclist was actually trying to direct traffic around the accident.  That being said, thank you SUV MORON for almost killing 20 people.  I started my morning with a car accident, and I wasn't happy about it. Luckily, I also started my day with Allen, Krista, and Tracy, and for that I am eternally grateful.  Tracy works with Shelby's mom and had contacted me about doing some head shots for her son, who has been acting for 10 years and is trying to break into film.  From the minute I met them, I was laughing.  What an amazing family.  So warm, so friendly, and so, so funny.  And they like The Office.  Yup, they're pretty much perfect.

So here is Allen and a bunch of my favorite head shots of him...

IMG_3350 - Version 2

IMG_3335 - Version 2

IMG_3342 - Version 2

IMG_3432 - Version 2

IMG_3517 - Version 2

IMG_3466 - Version 2

IMG_3570 - Version 2

IMG_3574 - Version 2

IMG_3625 - Version 2

IMG_3658 - Version 2

IMG_3676 - Version 2

Allen's sister Krista came along on the shoot, and within 2 minutes of being with them I could see what a special relationship they have.  Tracy had asked me to grab a few shots of them together, so here are a couple of my favorite!

IMG_3391 - Version 2

IMG_3379 - Version 2

IMG_3530 - Version 2

IMG_3540 - Version 2

IMG_3776 - Version 2

I promised Tracy I would only post one picture with her in it... but then I got home and I really liked all 3 of these!  So I'm breaking my promise- sorry Tracy- but y'all look so cute!!!

IMG_3723 - Version 2

IMG_3755 - Version 2

IMG_3731 - Version 2

It was so great meeting you guys, and I hope you had as much fun as I did!  Allen, good luck, don't forget me when you're rich and famous and need a photographer! :)