Deana and Chris

Rolling right along... in August I helped Melissa out on another beautiful beachy wedding!  Deana and Chris were married on the Cape the day before my couple Jay and Diana, so Melissa and I made a weekend out of it and stayed at her parent's condo in Chatham.  It was wonderful... kind of like a mini-vaca... which never happens for wedding photographers in the summertime :)  Anyways, as I was driving down to the Cape for Deana and Chris' wedding, I kept thinking how familiar her name was to me.  I had seen her engagement pictures on Melissa's blog, and her face didn't look familiar, but her name... it was really bugging me, so finally I called Melissa from the car.  "Is her mom's name Judy, and her dad's name Joe?"  Yup.  I'm telling you, my memory is a steel trap :)  I worked with her mother for a couple of years in my first job out of college!  There were 6 of us in our bank of cubicles, and her mother worked in the cubicle right in front of mine.  As soon as I realized I would be seeing some of my old colleagues at this wedding, I was beyond excited, because I really worked with some fabulous people!  It was a great wedding, and despite some showers later in the day, I think we got some great images.  Here are a couple of my favorites!  

Chris' parents helped him get ready while the dog watched :)

This was a big bridal party... I think this was my first group of 12!

The church was really pretty...

But not as pretty as the bride!  Deana looked beautiful.

I have a couple favorites from that day... one is the picture below on the left!

This is my other favorite... I'm obsessed!

When in the Cape, you gotta use the hydrangea bushes!

I turned around at one point and died laughing... the groomsmen were using the umbrellas for fencing... but when the time came, they were back on duty and covering the bride and groom from the sunshowers :)

Over to the reception at Ocean's Edge...

Even the photographers were having a great time :)

Congratulations to Deana and Chris, and thank you Mel for having me!