Declan, Erin and Fred

Friday morning I headed to Foxboro to photograph Erin and Fred's son Declan!  Declan was born 2 weeks ago, and while we were hoping to get some good sleeping pictures, he wanted to stay wide awake for me.  I mean, who can blame him, I'm obviously really fun to hang out with :)  Anyways, Erin and Fred and I went to college together at Bridgewater State, and I was honored that they asked me to photograph their newest edition.  Here are a couple of my favorites!

I have to admit, I laughed so hard when these onesies came out, particularly the one on the left.  If you're from BSC you'll clearly know why :)

My friend Jenn's friend knitted me some amazing newborn hats... how cute is this aviator hat???

You lookin at me?

I'll end with my absolute favorite!  Erin and Fred, thank you for inviting me over and having me photograph Declan.  He is absolutely adorable- congratulations again!!!