Eileen and Scott

Back in June, I assisted my friend Angela Hanlon on an absolutely beautiful wedding in Granby, CT.  Eileen and Scott were married at a horse farm where she used to work, and a beautiful tent was set up on the property for dinner and dancing.  This was another one of my favorites from last summer.  Besides the fact that the couple was so, so nice and incredibly in love, I just love outdoor weddings where everything happens in one place!  It's such a relaxing time for everyone, especially the guests.  I've said it more and more, but I definitely am trying to steer away from so many church weddings and work on doing more outdoor, rustic weddings... I remember this year being amazing by some of the limitations that some churches put forth that make it so hard for photographers to do a great job.  I'm talking dark, stone wall churches with virtually no windows, and the rule that flash can't be used.  Ahhhhhhhh!  So weddings like this, in comparison, are a dream... the light is never a problem, obviously, and you're able to move around wherever you want...it's great!  Here are a few favorites from Eileen and Scott's wedding :)



Scott's mom pinning her boys...

And then this happened...

I had a lot of fun with these groomsmen... I could not keep a straight face!


Ceremony time...


This little flower girl... I DIE.  She was adorable, and so well behaved.  I wish this was the age that my niece Juliana would be when I get married, but let's face it... the rate I'm going she's going to be an angsty teenager with piercings on her face.  Wah wah.


One of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken in the history of EVER.


The details that Eileen created were beautiful!

Husband and wife!


Dancing with the rents...

I am obsessed with Angela.  OBSESSED.  Quite frankly, she's one of my favorite people to shoot a wedding with.  This is one of the reasons why.  We share the same views on cake.  As soon as it's cut and plated, it's fair game ;-)


Seems like a natural progression :)

Another reason I am obsessed with Angela... sometimes, things happen at weddings that not even photographers, who have been to hundreds of weddings in the past few years, can believe.  I won't say what was happening here, but it involved some guests who may have had a few samplings of the open bar... and Angela's face is priceless!




Congratulations to Eileen and Scott, and thank you for having me Angela!  You're the best!