The day I met Emma Rose Buhkenik for the first time, I fell in love.  Shelby had delivered her the day before, and when I stepped into her room at the Norwood Hospital, there was the most perfect baby girl I had ever seen.  Even Shelby informed me she was shocked at how good looking little Emma was, asking the nurses right after the C-section, “I know I’m drugged up and most mothers say this, but my child is gorgeous, right?”  And she was, all 7 pounds and 2 ounces of her.  I was so proud, watching my big sister turn into a fantastic mother, and I saw from the first day how in love with Emma she was too.


Once they were home and things had settled down a little, I begged Shelby to let me take some photos, and she agreed.  These are some of my favorites from the day.  Like I said, isn’t she perfect? 








I had to put this next one in because I knew Ellen would love seeing Duke on my blog :)  I also love his expression.  The baby is screaming and he's all "It wasn't me."




Honestly one of my favorite pictures EVER.  Doesn't Shelby just have that new mommy glow?






This next photo was edited by my friend Shane Murray, who should definitely have a photo blog of his own.  He really does awesome work with both the camera and PhotoShop.










Shelby's grandmother was over during the shoot, and when that woman gets ahold of Emma there is no getting her back!  But I loved photographing them together.




Emma was baptized about two months after she was born at the church that Yuri has been going to for years, and the church that her parents were married in!  These are a few pictures from the baptism...








My favorite image of the day...




Shelby and her daughter with their godfathers!




Shelby and Yuri- thank you for sharing your family, your life and your love with me.  I look forward to watching Emma grow and become fabulous just like her parents!