Emma's first birthday... and Shelby's big news!!!

Yesterday I was off to Stoughton for Emma's first birthday party!  Emma is the daughter of my friend and sorority big sister, Shelby, and her awesome husband Yuri.  I took pictures of Emma last fall when she was brand new, and it's hard to believe it's already been a year since she was born!  She had quite the outfit on for her first birthday party, and as usual, it was great to spend some time with the Wellington's.  They are truly an amazing family... and I'm not just saying that because Ellen just got us the best deal ever to go to Vegas ;-) Here is the birthday girl!

IMG_2359 - Version 2

I have a similar picture to this where she's actually smiling, but Erin thought this one was cuter... and Shelby said it was more true to life ;-)

IMG_2361 - Version 2

She wanted those presents...

IMG_2369 - Version 2

So this morning I was uploading and editing these pictures and I couldn't help laughing.  Once I saw this picture on the big screen I couldn't help but notice the page the magazine is open to says "It's raining men".  I found this amusing.

IMG_2377 - Version 2

I love this face!!!

IMG_2396 - Version 2

Emma getting some love from her uncles Tommy and Blaine!

IMG_2422 - Version 2

Gift opening... no Mom I really I want that present...

IMG_2445 - Version 2

Her gift from Auntie Lana- her first set of Gamma Phi letters!

IMG_2433 - Version 2

This hat was adorable...

IMG_2450 - Version 2

I just thought this was a cute candid...

IMG_2465 - Version 2

I think the hat was more appetizing to her than the cake...

IMG_2441 - Version 2

Happy birthday Emma!

IMG_2468 - Version 2

IMG_2479 - Version 2

IMG_2481 - Version 2

So after Emma was done "eating" her cake, Yuri was making a big deal about changing her outfit and getting her back downstairs.  Like, a big deal.  I couldn't figure out why, until they wheeled Emma back into the room in her new Barbie car.  She had a shirt on that said "I have a secret"...

IMG_2505 - Version 2

And this is what the back said!!!

IMG_2513 - Version 2

I was shocked.   SHOCKED.  I sat motionless in my seat for about ten minutes, kind of blinking and looking around like what just happened.  I believe my exact words were "This news has left me immobile."  :)  I am so happy for Yuri and Shelby and am so excited that Emma is going to be a big sister!!!  But I still needed proof that this wasn't a joke, so I examined these ultrasound pics very carefully for the date!

IMG_2508 - Version 2

Shelby and Yuri- congratulations!  I am so happy for you both and am so excited you will be sharing your love and excellent parenting skills with another child.  Just be warned- they don't all turn out like perfect little angels like #1!  I have a feeling this next one is going to be a lil hell-raiser ;-)  Happy birthday Emma!