Mental Health Day

Today I took a day off.  A DAY OFF.  I have been so busy lately, and am in no way complaining, but between my regular full time job, assisting Dani with weddings, and doing shoots on my own for friends, I haven't had a full day off since March.  So I scheduled it last week with my boss and took a mental health day today, and let me tell you, it was all that I hoped it would be and more.  I woke up and did nothing.  For a full hour.  I laid in bed and did nothing, thought nothing, nothing nothing nothing.  I got up when I felt like it, got dressed and went to lunch with one of my best friends.  Because playing hooky just isn't as fun if you don't have an accomplice. Linds, Reece and I went to lunch at Red Robin and then she mentioned she still needed to get him a Halloween costume.  It's a good thing I have my camera for events like this.  I took these shots in the Halloween store, where there was absolutely no light, but plenty of adorable costumes to stuff Reece into.

Sadly, this is one reason I want to have kids... to torture them by dressing them up like... Elton John?

IMG_2242 - Version 2

Honestly, I was so impressed with Reece's GQ modeling skills.  I mean, he did this all on his own!

IMG_2245 - Version 2

First choice for costume... a teddy bear...

IMG_2270 - Version 2

Second... a monkey...

IMG_2273 - Version 2

Third time's the charm!  Linds decided to go with the panda costume... and it was adorable I wanted to vomit.

IMG_2283 - Version 2

IMG_2287 - Version 2

More fun with hats...

IMG_2315 - Version 2

IMG_2324 - Version 2

IMG_2350 - Version 2

Happy Halloween!

IMG_2311 - Version 2