The Nigro Family

Sunday I had the pleasure of helping Molly Bergeron photograph Carla and Anthony Nigro and their adorable children Ava and Michael.  We met them at Castle Island in South Boston and luckily had great weather after a very rainy Saturday.  As we sat waiting for them at Sullivan's, Molly remarked about an adorable little girl walking by with her mother.  Molly couldn't get over her adorable pink bow, long sweater and her high brown boots.  Weren't we pleasantly surprised when we found out that this was the little girl we would be photographing :)  Then we saw Michael- OMG!!!  Cutest children ever.  We had so much fun and Carla and Anthony were a blast to hang out with. They kept the kids thoroughly entertained, which I'm sure is a daily chore in itself since Ava and Michael were like Energizer bunnies!  It was hard to keep up, and honestly, getting a family shot with everyone looking and smiling with children of this age is pretty much impossible.  We tried but I'm just glad I was able to set my shutter speed fast enough to keep up at all!  Hopefully Carla and Anthony like some of these shots... I'll start with a funny one I caught of the whole family.  I feel like the chaos of this picture probably sums up what it's like having kids this age in the house :)

IMG_1160 - Version 2

This is Ava...

IMG_0799 - Version 2

And her little brother Michael...

IMG_1064 - Version 2

Mom and Ava...

IMG_0925 - Version 2

And Dad and Michael...

IMG_0945 - Version 2

Some more of the kids...

IMG_0927 - Version 2

IMG_1129 - Version 2

IMG_1033 - Version 2

IMG_1216 - Version 2

I love these next few...

IMG_1002 - Version 2

IMG_1044 - Version 2

IMG_1075 - Version 2

IMG_1137 - Version 2

The kids had so much fun playing on a monument down by the water at Castle Island.  Their dad would come around the corner and "scare" them and they would scream and laugh.  It was so much fun watching all of them together.

IMG_1278 - Version 2

IMG_1245 - Version 2

IMG_1358 - Version 2

We went to Sullivan's for a little ice cream...

IMG_1446 - Version 2

IMG_1473 - Version 2

IMG_1524 - Version 2

IMG_1502 - Version 2

I'll end with this picture of the whole family.  Thank you guys for being so much fun to work with- hope you like the pictures!

IMG_1382 - Version 2