Meet Molly

IMG_0292 - Version 2 A couple of months ago, I received my first piece of "fan mail" about my photography.  It was from Molly Bergeron, another aspiring photographer who had a lot of questions about breaking into the field.  To be honest, I'm not sure if I ever answered any of her questions, since they were a lot of the same ones I have myself :)  But we got to talking and e-mailing, and I invited her on some shoots I was doing.  Now, there's no one I would rather shoot with (okay, not true... I'd trade her in for Jasmine... sorry Moll!).  She is inredibly talented, and we have so much fun shooting together that I wish we lived closer so we could do it more often.  Now, when I first met Molly, we had an e-mail discussion about how much we both hated being photographed.  Molly literally sent me this picture, telling me this is what her wedding picture would look like:


Molly just launched her new website and wanted to have some pictures for the "About Me" section.  We did a family session together on Castle Island yesterday, so we met about an hour before they came and I took some shots of Molly, who begged me to tell her if she was at any time looking "ape-ish".  Um, hi, are you kidding me, Cindy Crawford?!?!.  I think the fact that I had about 70 favorite pictures from the day proves that her wedding pictures will not resemble the picture posted above :)

IMG_0293 - Version 2

IMG_0313 - Version 2

IMG_0371 - Version 2

We were walking around Castle Island and Molly said "Should I climb this tree?"  I turned around to answer and she was already up it.  She climbs like a squirrel.

IMG_0408 - Version 2

IMG_0419 - Version 2

IMG_0440 - Version 2

IMG_0482 - Version 2

IMG_0516 - Version 2

This next one might be my favorite from the day.  I think it's cute because I see Molly's expression and the skyline of Boston, and I think how someday she will take Boston by storm with her awesome photography!

IMG_0616 - Version 2

IMG_0602 - Version 2

I love this one too.  The wind was blowing her hair all perfect and she's all Cindy Crawford, but I really love it because it's so Molly- she's always laughing!

IMG_0622 - Version 2

Okay so I love these too.

IMG_0643 - Version 2

IMG_0672 - Version 2

IMG_0664 - Version 2

IMG_0682 - Version 2

I just thought this old run down monument was so cool.  Especially these stairs, because it feels like there should be a door's just such a funky building.

IMG_0713 - Version 2


IMG_1553 - Version 2

IMG_1579 - Version 2

IMG_1581 - Version 2

IMG_1632 - Version 2

IMG_1720 - Version 2

IMG_1715 - Version 2

IMG_1703 - Version 2

IMG_1732 - Version 2

I'll end with what I think was Molly's favorite for the day:

IMG_1741 - Version 2