Boy oh boy: Danielle's baby shower!

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of hanging out with the women I work for, away from the normal Saturday routine of a busy, hectic wedding.  Danielle, one of the lead shooters at Dani.Fine Photography, is having her first baby in December, and my boss Dani threw her a beautiful baby shower for the occasion!  Dani owns a BEAUTIFUL house in Southampton, and on Saturday morning it was packed with Danielle's friends and family from all over the country, there to celebrate for Danielle and Chris and their soon-to-be son.  Unfortunately, I could only stay for an hour, but I took some shots while I was there to commemorate the occasion.  Danielle is an amazing photographer and such an awesome person, and I was so glad to be a part of such a happy day! This is Dani and Danielle, the two fabulous lead photographers of Dani.Fine.  They are best friends and have worked together for 7 years.  Aren't they cute?  I honestly am so lucky that I met these 2 and they agreed to work with me. I had come from a horrible company who treated me with absolutely no respect, so to find these two who have been so great and so generous with their time and expertise has been amazing!

IMG_0274 - Version 2

This is Danielle's "surprised" face... can you tell she knew about the baby shower the whole time?  :)  After this, she proceeded to open the door and yell surprise to other guests arriving late.  Gotta love her!

IMG_0202 - Version 2

IMG_0209 - Version 2

She's one of those annoyingly cute pregnant people...

IMG_0218 - Version 2

Dani and Kelly worked so hard on this amazing collage of pregnancy pictures of Danielle.  Dani took pictures of her in the same position every 2 weeks to show the progress of her pregnancy, and surprised Danielle with this amazing gift from those pictures...

IMG_0188 - Version 2

Gotta love the details... these cookies were delish!

IMG_0172 - Version 2

IMG_0177 - Version 2

IMG_0178 - Version 2

Danielle's mom came from New Jersey and her sister came in from California for the baby shower...

IMG_0240 - Version 2

Danielle got the Baby Momma cup :)

IMG_0223 - Version 2

I made Danielle open a gift because I had to leave and couldn't stay for the gift opening...

IMG_0263 - Version 2

IMG_0265 - Version 2

Congratulations Danielle!  You and Chris are going to be amazing parents.  I can't wait to meet your son!

IMG_0196 - Version 2