Just Genna


I love Genna, I love Genna, I love Genna!  Did I mention I love Genna?  She's just so good at this modeling thing!  Okay, so after we released Brett from a man's worst nightmare (aka two girls up in your face with a camera) we stayed behind in the park and then went over to Sharon Lake to take some pictures of just Genevieve alone.  I am so glad she was cool with being photographed alone, because she photographs so well that it would have been a waste to send her home before sunset!  Honestly, Genevieve is one of the most beautiful people I know, but that's not what impresses me about her today.  It's that out of everyone I know, I don't think I've ever seen a transformation quite like the one I've seen in her.  To be brutally honest, I wasn't sure I LOVED her when we first met.  She was Shelby's best friend, there was a cheesy bread incident, it's a whole long story :)  But in the past 6 years that I have watched her become an amazingly kind and considerate person, an incredible friend, and now a loving and devoted wife.  She has matured way beyond anything I would have thought possible if I had been stupid enough to snap judge her when we first met six years ago.  And I hope she doesn't take any of this the wrong way, because if anything, I mean it as an apology.  You honestly can't judge a book by its cover.  Sometimes people really are the whole package!

I started with the laughing pictures above because honestly, that's all we did once we got to the water.  We were covered in sand and Genna could not stop laughing at us.  I didn't blame her.  It was not a well thought out plan (as usual) and everyone on the beach was getting a kick out of my sand-covered bum.  Molly even took a picture without me knowing... and I have promised her that if it ever surfaces we are no longer friends :)

These are earlier, still at Borderland...

IMG_7905 - Version 2

IMG_8157 - Version 2

IMG_8597 - Version 2

IMG_8331 - Version 2

Really, Genna?  It's actually just not fair how feroche she looks in these pictures.  Thank God she's off the market so the rest of us can have a shot :)

IMG_8398 - Version 2

IMG_8403 - Version 2

I was trying to make her laugh by recounting some ridiculous MV antics from her wedding in June.  Luckily it worked!

IMG_8542 - Version 2

IMG_8558 - Version 2

IMG_8565 - Version 2

Down the road at Sharon Lake...

IMG_8613 - Version 2

IMG_8633 - Version 2

IMG_8652 - Version 2

This is the point where we all got in the water, and the laughing started.  I mean, I literally had tears rolling down my face, especially when Molly told me I looked like sesame covered sushi.  I mean, really.  Of course someone tells me I look like raw fish.  Awesome.  We had to beg Genna to be serious and she had to keep taking a deep breath to stop the laughing.

IMG_8722 - Version 2

IMG_8740 - Version 2

IMG_8786 - Version 2

IMG_8797 - Version 2

IMG_8809 - Version 2

IMG_8881 - Version 2

IMG_8943 - Version 2

The next two pictures are my favorite of just Genna from the whole day!

IMG_8987 - Version 2

IMG_8991 - Version 2

IMG_9011 - Version 2

IMG_9029 - Version 2