Rock the Frock with Genna and Brett

IMG_7999 - Version 2  

Okay, so I'm a little tired of doing "trash the dresses."  I'm sorry everyone!  I promise I will continue doing them as long as people continue asking, because it gets me behind the camera and that's all I could ask for, but I am really glad that this is one of my last ones of these sessions for awhile.  I agreed to do one for my friend Tiffany, who I love dearly, so after that, I will be taking a trash the dress break.  Because I am already getting semi- bored with them, I decided to switch up the title of this post to Rock the Frock.  I know you're all impressed with my creativity, but it's really just a cheap ploy to get you to look at my pictures, thinking they are something new and fresh.  And in a way they are, because clearly this session was with a new couple.  But I can just picture Genna cringing at the word "frock" :)


Can I just say up front how much I love Brett and Genevieve?  I photographed their wedding in Martha's Vineyard at the beginning of the summer, but was unable to photograph their second, bigger ceremony they had in Stoughton a few weeks ago.  Genna bought this adorable white dress for the reception, and she wanted some pictures of her wearing it.  She roped Brett into taking some more formal pictures (because honestly, if you can't order your husband around then I don't even know what marriage is for) and we went out to Borderland State Park all decked out and ready to rock.  They both did so awesome and I so appreciate how patient Brett was, especially considering he had a Giants game to watch and we made him late.  Sorry Brett!  But thank you both for being so incredible, and I hope you like the pictures we got!


IMG_8005 - Version 2



IMG_7886 - Version 2


IMG_7893 - Version 2


IMG_7913 - Version 2


IMG_7945 - Version 2


There was this arbor in the gardens, and it wasn't until I got home and saw these images on the big screen that I realized what amazing light we had there!  We could have shot the whole session with this golden light- I absolutely love it!


IMG_8052 - Version 2


IMG_8025 - Version 2


IMG_8063 - Version 2


IMG_8074 - Version 2


IMG_8079 - Version 2


Molly is fearless when it comes to the sun.  I HATE SHOOTING IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT.  Hate it, hate it, hate it.  It is awful.  People get squinty, there are big shadows, it's a mess.  But Molly rocks it every time.  I don't know how, but her bright sunlight pictures come out so much better than mine!  So when she suggested we shoot out in this field, I was all, um maybe I'll just hang out in the shade over here.  But I shot this one from afar and LOOOOOOOVED it so, I owe Molly a big thank you!


IMG_8127 - Version 2


Love the Spiderman kiss, as Molly calls it...


IMG_8167 - Version 2


IMG_8176 - Version 2


IMG_8134 - Version 2


On the walk down to the water...

IMG_8221 - Version 2


This is one of my favorites from the day!


IMG_8225 - Version 2


IMG_8229 - Version 2


IMG_8243 - Version 2


Okay, so we defaced park property.  But everyone else did it too!


IMG_8292 - Version 2


Not sure if I'm crazy about the way I edited this one.  I'm going to work on it some more...


IMG_8306 - Version 2


Over by the stone house...


IMG_8346 - Version 2


Again, we had some great light hitting this one doorway.  It was awesome!


IMG_8369 - Version 2


IMG_8381 - Version 2


Okay, these are my other favorite pictures from the day.  The light was so beautiful; it made these pictures look so dramatic!


IMG_8432 - Version 2


IMG_8438 - Version 2


IMG_8412 - Version 2


Down by the water...


IMG_8449 - Version 2


IMG_8498 - Version 2


IMG_8509 - Version 2


I think this is my all time favorite photo that I've ever taken, ever.  Like ever.  No idea why, I just love it.


IMG_8491 - Version 2


IMG_8457 - Version 2


Stay tuned later this week for when Genna gets her own post.  We took some amazing pictures of just her after Brett left, and they are so delish they deserve their own post!