Hello Beautiful

IMG_7818 - Version 2  

I fall in love with Emma every time I see her.  I'm sure you all remember (because, for real, who could forget a cutie like this?) but I photographed Emma when she was first born, and have taken a few pics of her along the way that I have posted on my very official "Emma Rose" Facebook album :)  It is amazing to see how much her face has changed over the past year, she looks nothing like the first time I took her picture!  Her first birthday is coming up so I took a couple of preliminary pictures before she ends up with cake all over her face.  And a week after that Shelby is going to bring her up to Bridgewater for homecoming!  Which will be so awesome for all the Gamma Phis who haven't met her yet... because clearly she's going to end up being a GPhiB someday!



We brought the tangerines out because they seemed to make Emma happy...  there isn't a random tree in Shelby's yard that drops delicious fruit on the baby :)


IMG_7802 - Version 2


IMG_7823 - Version 2


She's such a happy baby!


IMG_7819 - Version 2


I think she's saying "You... need to come to my first birthday party!"


IMG_7834 - Version 2


We trashed those tights...


IMG_7840 - Version 2


My favorite pic... crawling towards Daddy!


IMG_7824 - Version 2


IMG_7865 - Version 2


Duke was MAJOR jealous.  I took this so he'd still love me.


IMG_7871 - Version 2


This is Shelby and and Yuri with their gorgeous Emma.  If I don't say it enough, I could not be prouder of the woman, wife and mother Shelby has become.  She has a beautiful family and I feel lucky to have her and Yuri as friends!


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