Jill and Joe Countrified

IMG_7086 - Version 2  

These are the rest of Jill and Joe's pictures from the Trash the Bridesmaid shoot.  Can I just say that I am still watching for warning signs of West Nile or EEE.  I mean, to say it was buggy would be a vast understatement.  There were literally mosquitoes building cities on my arms.  Condos were going for 2 mil.  It was sick.  And all night long, I had the theme song from Bug Juice in my head, because I literally killed two bugs on my arm that proceeded to squirt blood out on me and send me screaming down the street.  And please try not to focus on the fact that I used to watch Bug Juice.


Okay, so it was kinda worth it... Jill and Joe were amazing sports.... and they should both go into modeling because they were awesome at it!




IMG_7116 - Version 2


IMG_7129 - Version 2


IMG_7135 - Version 2


Another "concept" (cause we're so deep, obvi) was the whole "he loves me, he loves me not" thing.  I think Jill hated me for having her pose like this, but she looked so cute!


IMG_7176 - Version 2


IMG_7191 - Version 2


IMG_7181 - Version 2


IMG_7249 - Version 2


Jill wanted to use the convertible for a few shots, so Molly and I switched off and drove down a dirt road, one driving and the other hanging on for dear life and trying to shoot.  The first one was serious.  The second was when I asked Joe if he was okay (the bugs were VICIOUS), he apparently answered no, and I ignored him and kept shooting anyway.  Jill found this HILARIOUS.


IMG_7276 - Version 2


IMG_7267 - Version 2


Last concept of the evening, I promise.  The burning of bridal magazines.  I mean come on, what single girl hasn't wanted to light one on fire at some point?  These didn't come out as I had planned, but I have to say Jill's maniacal smile was perfect.  I was semi worried about starting a forest fire (hello?  L.A.) and her response was "It's fine, I want to light it, I can just stomp it out."  I think she thoroughly enjoyed this.  And Smokey the Bear would be proud to know we exhibited excellent forest fire prevention skills by only lighting one corner.


IMG_7291 - Version 2


IMG_7304 - Version 2


The big finale: the water pictures!


IMG_7325 - Version 2


IMG_7333 - Version 2


IMG_7339 - Version 2


IMG_7374 - Version 2


IMG_7353 - Version 2


IMG_7375 - Version 2


This might be my favorite picture from the country... although I should have had Jill put her Croc down :)


IMG_7346 - Version 2


Jill and Joe- thanks for being so amazing!  Had an amazing time (minus the bug incidents) and Molly, thanks for rocking out yet again!