Trash the Bridesmaid's Dress: Jill and Joe

I am always thankful for my friends.  My true friends are amazing and selfless and funny and kind.  I am always grateful for these attributes, because they keep me from becoming an absolutely insane cat lady.  But can I just say, however shallow it sounds, that I am grateful to have such good looking friends who like to model for me?  Seriously... Jill had been asking me to do a shoot because she was jealous of all the attention my camera was giving to the other Stoughton girls :)  She isn't engaged or married, so we decided to change up the traditional Trash the Dress concept to a Trash the Bridesmaid's Dress deal.  I came up with a Word document full of ideas (please keep the nerd comments in check) and Molly suckered her friend Joe into being our "hungover groomsmen".  Apparently he had texted her one night while intoxicated and said he wanted to model.  He was quite surprised when he got sober and she actually took him up on the offer.  This is where alcohol can take you, my friends.  To a 7 hour photo shoot in the swamps of Hatfield.  Drink carefully.  

I'll start out by posting the city shots we took, and then do another post from the country.  We hit up Northampton again because for some unknown reason, I had a vision of doing a lot of these shots at a liquor store.  I really like the neon lights and the signs, and I am obsessed with mixing urban themes with the beauty of a couple in love (or two models that just met yesterday).  We tried to stick to the "concept" which was basically always the bridesmaid, never the bride; we wanted Jill and Joe to be fun and flirty, be the two that Cupid forgot about and be totally okay with that.  Contrary to popular belief, being single is not a disease (or I would be dead right now), so we wanted these two celebrating single-dom.  Unfortunately, per the usual, we got so wrapped up in the shoot all our ideas kind of went out the window.  But I'm happy with what we got and Molly did so awesome too!  


And as you will see, Jill and Joe ROCKED IT.  They deserve all the credit for being so awesome.


IMG_6429 - Version 2



IMG_6409 - Version 2


IMG_6406 - Version 2


IMG_6416 - Version 2


IMG_6427 - Version 2


IMG_6371 - Version 2


IMG_6397 - Version 2


IMG_6385 - Version 2


IMG_6403 - Version 2


IMG_6446 - Version 2


IMG_6478 - Version 2


IMG_6465 - Version 2


Next we headed over to a painted wall by the Ye Ole Watering Hole for these shots.  Some of the concept came into play here... the cheersing of Bud heavy (Jill doesn't fool around) and the passed out groomsman...


IMG_6497 - Version 2


IMG_6509 - Version 2


IMG_6519 - Version 2


IMG_6546 - Version 2



IMG_6548 - Version 2


IMG_6582 - Version 2


I grabbed this shot on our way to lunch...


IMG_6617 - Version 2


After lunch we wanted to hit up the train tracks before heading to the country, but simply because I am lazy I had everyone get to the train tracks by cutting between two buildings.  Along the scenic tour we almost cut our sandaled feet on broken glass and saw a decaying cat.  I'm pretty sure everyone hated me.  And I'm pretty sure I almost lost my lunch.


But look at the prettiness I captured! :)  Silver lining!


IMG_6658 - Version 2


IMG_6714 - Version 2


IMG_6727 - Version 2


IMG_6752 - Version 2


Next we headed back up to the Academy of Music to grab some shots on the fire escape.  I don't know why but it's becoming one of my favorite places to shoot.


IMG_6820 - Version 2


Check Jill out!!!  I love this pic, is she gorgeous or what?  


IMG_6810 - Version 2


IMG_6830 - Version 2


IMG_6855 - Version 2


IMG_6864 - Version 2


IMG_6874 - Version 2


IMG_6921 - Version 2


IMG_6904 - Version 2


IMG_6949 - Version 2


IMG_6953 - Version 2


IMG_6997 - Version 2


Country pics to come...