Happy Birthday Tyler!

IMG_6144 - Version 2  


Yesterday Christine and Kyle threw a 1st birthday party for their cutie Tyler! He is getting so big so fast; I can't believe he's already a year old. It was quite the party with lots of friends, family, children and adult beverages for the grown-ups. These are some shots I got while catching up with the Beluzo fam!


Tyler really loved the sugar rush he got...


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IMG_6176 - Version 2



IMG_6162 - Version 2



Opening gifts...


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IMG_6186 - Version 2


There were so many cute babies at the party!  This is one of them stealing Tyler's hat... there was a long struggle for this hat!


IMG_6273 - Version 2


Connor is Kim and Ryan's son, Kyle and Christine's best friends.  Christine, Kim and I all used to work together and have a blast!  Connor and Tyler are definitely going to grow up together and probably be best buds.  This is a picture of Connor letting loose with his screaming fest... and Tyler thoroughly enjoying it.


IMG_6321 - Version 2


Tyler with Daddy...


IMG_6224 - Version 2


And with Mom...


IMG_6338 - Version 2


Honestly, how cute is he?


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IMG_6279 - Version 2


Ending the day in the swing...


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