Eric and Jeff: Backyard Cotuit Wedding

Three weeks ago, I had the absolute pleasure of driving to Cotuit to photograph Eric and Jeff's wedding.  Eric and Jeff actually booked me over the phone a couple of months ago, which is different than how I normally book weddings.  I love meeting with couples and making sure we're a good fit before committing to doing a wedding, but since Eric and Jeff were booking me from California, I was only able to talk to them over the phone.  We picked a Sunday night and chatted for about 30 minutes, and I just had a feeling, in my gut, that these were great guys and I needed to do their wedding.  So when they sent me an email with the simple words "You're hired" after our phone conversation, I was ecstatic, and I sent them over my contract and questionnaire.  

My feeling was confirmed as soon as I read it.  The questionnaire laid out the basic stuff, like timeline, vendors, and other things, but what stood out the most was what their one request was.  Most couples list certain family shots, or things they saw on Pinterest they want to try... Eric and Jeff literally wrote to me about how important their family and friends were to them, and how all they wanted in terms of pictures was images of their guests interacting with each other and having a good time.  It was something they reiterated in each conversation we had, and I just knew I couldn't wait to meet them on their wedding day, because they know what matters.  Family and friends, the people who support you and help you along the way.  The people that made you who you are.  And the people who made Jeff and Eric the great men they are were all on hand, supporting them and celebrating with them on their big day.  These people were friendly, welcoming, funny, and so, so genuine.  Even from having just met them that morning, I could see how Eric and Jeff turned out so great, and how great they are for each other.


I had the fabulous Olivia Gird helping me out with this wedding, and leading up to the wedding, I let her know how important people were to Eric and Jeff.  They really, truly appreciated every single person that went into making their wedding happen, and that included their vendors.  On their questionnaire, under must have photos, they literally listed that they wanted a shot of every vendor working... which included me and Olivia :)  Please see bottom photo for the result of that request!  Haha it was definitely a first for me, but I loved it, and was just so happy to be included in their special day.  Here are some of my favorites!





They did a run-through rehearsal that morning, just an hour before the real thing!  It was really cool to be there for that and be able to catch fun moments.





Love this one Olivia captured!!!



Ceremony time...



So this was my favorite part of the ceremony... Eric's parents (who are divorced and both happily remarried) spoke about love and relationships and marriage.  They did so from the heart, not from a piece of paper or an assigned reading... it was SO personal, so heartfelt, and so amazing!







Mazel tov!



Loved these ones Olivia captured right after the kiss.  Could Eric look any happier???










A couple more details...




This guy was the tent's bouncer for the day...



So he helped himself to some cake as payment.  If you look really closely you can see where it was fixed :)  They did a beautiful job fixing it!!



Oh hello, little person.







Annnnnnd here's me and Olivia... she looks all put together and I look like a HOT MESS, but it's fine :)  Congratulations Eric and Jeff!  Thank you so much for having us, and thank you to your families for being so welcoming.  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together! :)



Caterer:  Chef Roland

Music:  New England String Quartet