Erin and Shaun

On Sunday I headed out in South Boston with my friend Melissa Deschamp to shoot engagement pictures for my friends Erin and Shaun.  Erin is a sorority sister from college, and Shaun (aka Butchie) is her super adoring fiance.  I have known Erin for about 8 years now, and I will say that when I first met her I was little intimidated by her.  She was older than me in the sorority, seemed to know and get along with pretty much everyone on campus, and could probably outsmart Anderson Cooper in a conversation.  Now, I won't get all sappy or anything, cause she would hate it about as much as she hates hugging, but I will say she was always a reliable friend as well, and over the years, she became someone I could always turn to when I needed it.  I'm not really sure when or how it happened, but she became someone I couldn't imagine my life without, and I will be proud to stand next to her as a bridesmaid at her wedding in October.  My friend Melissa Deschamp will be shooting the wedding, so we decided to tag team the engagement session!  This first shot is on the side of a package store (I know, I suggest alllll the classy locations, obvi) and our cars were parked right by it from the night before so I dragged Erin and Shaun in front of it, because the Dropkicks are just so Boston,  clearly!
Then we headed over to Thomas Park... where it was like an Arctic wind tunnel...
Now when I say Arctic wind tunnel, that's pretty much what I mean.  Thomas Park is so high and it was sooooo windy that within about 10 minutes we were all FROZEN.  We decided to head to our second location for some indoor time.  Erin and Shaun had one of their first dates at Murphy's Law in Southie, so it has become an important place to them (so much so that they named their dog Murphy).  We got there just as Anthony Bordaine from the Travel Channel was leaving.  I'm probably not even spelling his name right, because I had no idea who he was, but it's all good.  Peggy was soooooooo awesome about letting us shoot inside and moving things and playing behind the bar.  Here are some shots from Murphy's!
I don't know what it is about the next photo... absolutely no idea... but I LOVE IT so much.  I think it's the awesome light in the bar (who would've thought?) accompanied by the look of a girl totally in love, my friend totally in love- it just makes me happy!
Outside to brave the weather once again...
I'll end with one of my favorites- Erin and Shaun, love you and can't wait until October 1st!